Park Ecovillage Trust
advances social & environmental sustainability and
wellbeing, benefitting the Park Ecovillage, Findhorn

The Park Ecovillage Trust’s aim is to improve the Community by:

– assisting, funding and promoting further innovative educational, social and environmental projects
– delivering an effective, affordable Community housing programme
– involving targets for reducing and avoiding carbon emissions to reach Net Zero emissions.
– supporting care and wellbeing initiatives for the benefit of the whole community

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

Between PET and New Findhorn Directions (NFD) there are now 26 homes in four sites at the Park Ecovillage, Findhorn
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Park Ecovillage Trust findhorn Carbon Strategy

Carbon Strategy

In the imminent climate crisis PET offers tools to measures carbon emissions and carbon offsetting.  Find out more below

Caring Community

Creating an exemplary caring community culture from cradle to grave.
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Affordable Housing – Community owned

For the last 10 years the need for affordable housing has been highlighted in many ways:

Young people and families, leaving Findhorn Ecovillage for lack of a ‘suitable’ home

Long-term community members richly deserve secure homes for their retirement years

Carbon Strategy
& Offsetting

In the imminent climate crisis PET offers two tools: One that measures individual and business carbon emissions and carbon offsetting to balance emissions that have been reduced. PET is also leading the work in the community to become net zero.

Caring Community Circle

Creating an exemplary caring community culture from cradle to grave.

The CCC holds the awareness of the needs of people of all ages in the Community and links volunteers and other resources to those in need.

Can you help us build the Light of Findhorn Sanctuary?

About Park Ecovillage Trust

The Park Ecovillage Trust was founded in 2009 and has been behind many successful projects including a Moray-wide Youth Ecology Education programme, affordable housing, carbon strategy and caring community circle.

The Park Ecovillage,

The Park Ecovillage represents a unique model for sustainable living and community building, and it has inspired many similar eco-villages and intentional communities around the world. It is PET’s spiritual parent without which we would surely not exist.