PET raised funds for and in 2013, built 4 out of  25 units on the East Whins (EW) site.


Development of private housing in The Park accelerated in the early 2000’s on The Field of Dreams. In 2010 a proposal for developing 25 homes created the opportunity for Community-Owned affordable housing. Through an innovative partnership with Moray Council Housing (under the section 75 provision), the developer Duneland Ltd. agreed to provide 4 such affordable units.

Affordable Housing
The obligations will secure the level of affordable housing to be provided on site and the mix and tenure, in conjunction with the Planning Service. Councils require a percentage of homes on developments over a certain size to be affordable. There are different options for the delivery of these homes. The obligation could be met through the provision of units for social rent, mid market rent, or commuted sums. The preferred option in Housing is social rent.

The arrangements for the delivery of the affordable housing are agreed between the developer and the Council. Units for social rent are generally delivered through serviced land being provided by the developer to the Council or a housing association who can then develop as part of their new house build programme. Alternatively the developer may build the houses in partnership with the Council or a housing association that will manage them in the long term. These methods of delivery are very much tied in with the availability of grant funding.

Since 2013, PET has been managing these 4 units. We were actively involved in setting up the East Whins Residents’ Association and continue to be engaged with this amazing social engineering experiment, whilst encouraging our tenants and co-owners to take an active role in it.


We own 2 two bedroom rental flats (care-prepared) and 2 shared-ownership houses on the East Whins site.

EPC ratings:

  • Oct 2013 house: 101m²; Energy efficiency B82 (Sco D61) and CO2 impact B83 (Sco D59)
  • Mar 2014    flat:    67m²; Energy efficiency C76 (Sco D61) and CO2 impact C78 (Sco D59)

EW at the Park

EW at the Park Ecovillage, Findhorn


A Community group formed, managed the fundraising and PET made the purchase in 2012 through 3 interest free loans and Duneland Ltd’s ‘Section 75’ donation.

The original Community group included representatives from the following local organisations: Duneland Ltd, New Findhorn Association (NFA) Community Council, Park Ecovillage Trust and Ekopia Resource Exchange (an Industrial and Provident Society).


Three of the five allocations went to Findhorn Foundation co-workers. The criteria for the allocations were set by the Community, agreed by Moray Council and implemented by the Community’s Land & Housing Trust committee, which consists of representatives from the NFA, the Findhorn Foundation and Ekopia.


  • One of the flats has allowed a long-term community member to be cared for in the comfort of her own home. This increases her life quality tremendously as she continues to be integrated into the community where she is loved.
    Whilst not been without challenges, the learning opportunities have been invaluable.
  • The other flat has been allocated twice. As the first tenant found their life circumstances changed, the latter allocation was to a young family of core-workers.
  • The 2 two-bedroom shared ownership houses were allocated to one young family and to a young first time buyer.



Though not Passive Haus, this project does incorporate some of its principles. (Here’s what the Passiv Haus people strive for: to BOOKMARK your copy, click here.)

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