Why leave a gift in your Will?

Charitable legacies of all sizes are vital and fundamental to PET’s and many other charities’ work.

To ensure that the work of the Park Ecovillage Trust continues into the future, remember us in your Will. Your legacy will be a blessing which will live on to benefit future generations.


How you can Will a gift to future generations

Once you have taken care of family and friends, including a charitable legacy in your Will offers an opportunity to support a charity in a way that may not have been possible during your lifetime.

A simple directive in your will can give welcome support to Park Ecovillage Trust. Even a small amount can have a big impact over time.

Some charitable gifts may actually save your family money by decreasing inheritance taxes (charitable bequests in your Will are free from tax).


Different types of legacy:

1. Pecuniary – this is a gift of a specific sum of money. PET will get exactly the amount of money you specify.

2. Residuary – this is the amount left over in your estate after all other pecuniary legacies and gifts have been made, and after all administrative costs have been deducted.

3. Gift In Kind – you can make a bequest of specific items from your estate, for example: your house; car; items of furniture; pictures; jewellery; stocks and shares; the benefit of a life insurance policy. Please discuss such gifts with your other beneficiaries.

If you choose to include PET in your Will,
you’ll need to create or update it.
For specific answers always consult
your solicitor.


Adding to your existing Will

If you already have one, it is possible to add an additional charitable legacy using a simple form called a codicil. Your solicitor is best placed to advise you about this so that you know your legacy has been recorded correctly.

If you have any questions or plans, please [email protected] c/o fundraising.

Also refer to official sites about Legacies.

Thank you for considering Park Ecovillage Trust as a beneficiary of your legacy.