What do you feel/think about it?   We have yet another co-word. Co-ol…   Some community food for thought

Here’s an urban example of co-living so you can get a feel for thecollective: their mission is “to build and activate spaces that foster human connection and enable people to lead more fulfilling lives.”[mfn]If you think laterally, you can transpose the urban scenario of this example into another one/one fitting your own.[/mfn]

community=work+housing; individualism=perceived threat+fight/flight/paralysis

A Developer: “What I’m worried about is [communities’] heartbeat … If teachers, firemen, and policemen can’t afford to live in cities, it ruins their[mfn]the cities'[/mfn] viability.”  Small housing has always been crucial for providing shelter to the community’s workforce.

Are ‘dorms for adults’ and coliving just an older housing idea?

Building community was –still is, I’m sure– how do I relate to you in such a fashion that community comes alive between us? Where the operative question is not What is Findhorn? but When is Findhorn?  —David Spangler

In this context, Cluny co-lives.  It works for/with 30+ very different sorts of individuals, “wanting options that don’t prioritize stuff, transit time, or assets,.. [offering] single-room living, with shared common space—an affordable and efficient option.”[vertical-spacer]

Given more permanent work, and land & capital permitting, could a larger multi-micro-unit project work at the Park too? With families?  Would you buy [into] it?