Park Ecovillage Trust is part of PayPal’s Giving Fund (PpGF). PpGF helps donors support their favourite charities online and helps charities raise funds through PayPal, eBay and other technology platforms. PayPal Giving Fund is a UK Registered Charity (No. 1110538).

You can now raise funds for PET by making donations, while paying for purchases, by donating a % of your eBay sales (and buys), and through using other PpGF partner platforms, transacting through the PayPal payment system.

For more detailed PayPal Giving Fund information, click here.

It’s easy to find PET on the PayPal app and on PpGF’s partner sites.

    • You choose to donate on PayPal, eBay and other online platforms
    • PayPal receives your donations and provides you with receipts
    • PpGF “grants” the raised funds (incl. GiftAid when you subscribe) to PET every month without charging for their service.


PayPal Giving Fund partners currently include:

Selling (or donating with a purchase) to benefit PET - watch this short eBay for Charity video. You’ll need to add your PayPal account as your charity payment method in your eBay account. When you then donate your preferred % of the proceeds of your eBay sale (or buy), PayPal Giving Fund will collect the donation when you’ve received payment from the buyer.
Check out our eBay For Charity webpage.

enables its users to raise funds to benefit PET - watch this short  GoFundMe video to see how you can create your own unique campaign to benefit  PET. Donations do incur processing fees but neither PayPal, GoFundMe nor PayPal Giving Fund charges fees on any Gift Aid added to donations.
Start a GoFundMe-PET webcampaign.

Humble Bundle 

Customers buying games or eBooks through the Humble Bundle digital platform can choose to support PET with every order placed.


Facebook makes it easy for our supporters to create and share fundraisers that benefit PET.


Thrift+ makes it easier to re-sell clothes than it is to throw them away. Every sale on their site prevents waste and raises money for charity, with £1million donated so far.


Thank you for considering PET to be your regular charity partner. Here are the PETprograms & projects we’re currently fundraising for.

Your donations help make the Findhorn Ecovillage an exemplary, thriving, sustainable and caring WHOLE community.