September 2020 seems to be an active month for activities having to do with community development (social, environmental and wellbeing).

Here are a few practical things to DO:

  • Home Energy Savings
    yesterday’s blog linking to the Centre for Alternative Technology (Wales) website resource, with handy tips for producing less CO2 by consuming less energy…[vertical-spacer]
  • Communities for the Future
    examples of community developments from elsewhere; a resource to inspire even more activities than we already do…[vertical-spacer]
  • Day of European Sustainable Communities (200919)
    “The pandemic highlights the importance of decentralised decision making and distributed local provision of goods and services. In many areas this capacity has been lost or severely eroded and needs rebuilding.”[vertical-spacer]
  • International Peace Day (200921)
    The fruits of individual and communal activity are not lasting if they are not based on two fundamental principles that, by common assent, we all CAN agree on: peace on earth and goodwill to all people!  We know that faith and trust produce peace and happiness.  What we believe and trust manifests![vertical-spacer]

May the rest of September and autumn be sustainably productive and as wholly balanced as the autumnal equinox!