Here’s a fascinating (7 mins) article in our education series on how the current Pandemic is helping to change the way we think about “work” and its impact on our home planet.

Canada has always been seen as the American continent’s conscience in action and in this article I sense truly impact-full results from concepts like: values led relationships; reality checks re. the long term view, economic sustainability, working together in organic/innovative clusters; creating conditions for success on all levels and full inclusion; and more trust in governing frameworks. This news is expansive, positive and innovative — and similar to what we’re being told is happening here in the UK and in Europe.

At a much deeper and meaningful level, this is exactly what Eileen Caddy‘s ‘Still, small voice within’ challenged the three co-founders at Findhorn to do: “to raise the vibrations…, to find direct contact…, to create light and more light and radiate it out, to bring My kingdom on earth…, to know with that inner knowing that all things are possible and see the impossible become possible, to create wholeness, oneness; to bring unity in diversity.

In light of the year’s global crisis which has permeated all levels of our global ecology, the practicality of and necessity for this “Findhorn” methodology has become (to me) more obvious than ever: we can’t do what we’ve always done individually or together any more! The Ecovillage Community and PET are trying their best to put this in action. Now.  Why not join in, in making the impossible become possible, to create wholeness, oneness; to bring unity in diversity in your life as well?

Here’s the article with examples of positive, constructive, useful and unifying things also happening in a much bigger[mfn][/mfn] country! Enjoy.