While volunteering with PET last week, I was struck by a point made in the NFD Energy Master Plan 2021 about bringing PETs carbon offset projects closer to home — Scotland. According to the report this would make offsetting far more meaningful to hundreds of Park Ecovillage, Findhorn(FEC) residents who still emit[mfn]3,858 tonnes of CO2e in 2019, see the 2019 FEC Carbon Assessment[/mfn] tons of heating & travel CO2equivalents into the local air, and so would re-start 98% offsetting their basic emissions! Here are the FEC Offsetting results* to date:
Looking back over my reading since May, it seems “Connectivity” has been a subliminal theme. And most of those articles agreed that to “do the right thing” in our networked world, only a real “conversatio morum” (conversion of manners, or alignment of PRINCIPLES in action)[mfn]WholEness is in right action and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves, and goodness. Right action necessitates personal morality, personal development and personal discernment.[/mfn] will make it work.

structures are not quite Life…

Interconnections between the 206 adult bones is useful as far as it goes, but for a human skeleton to get moving towards its purpose requires 600 muscles & sundry tendons as well![mfn]and not forgetting the “muscle between the ears” and between the lefthand ribs, and the “will” to make <em>them</em> work![/mfn] Similarly FEC stakeholders, busy resolving inescapable system/process issues, may easily lose sight of the “meat” of real, right & reliable change: the realignment of personal beliefs. Because our beliefs really do shape the world we perceive, experience & create. As we cannot permanently hide from our deepest rooted beliefs, fully-human beings will consciously choose which of them to keep & discard. Free Will/choice doesn’t mean doing whatever you want; it means having the freedom to do what is right.

The penny dropped with a clang upon reading David Spangler’s latest blog. Because he’s been realigning one aspect of his own perceptions (best wishes for his recovery btw), Mr Spangler had to recycle an old article that even after so many years well describes* the State of Human Connectivity:

Much of this ‘wiring’ has been buried and forgotten or outright broken, leaving us struggling within a fragmented—and fragmenting—consciousness of the world.

This issue is not solved simply by accepting and believing in a holistic paradigm. It is solved by collaborative mind and action, a reaching out across our boundaries to create wholeness through, at the very least, the use of love, caring, and appreciation. It is also helped by developing an appreciation for the many ways in which we are connected and the nature of some of the invisible ‘subtle’ wiring that we’ve overlooked for decades in our technological and materialistic culture.

Source: ©David Spangler 2021. Check out the whole article below.

Edgar Cayce used to remind his visitors that “Spirit is the Life, Mind is the Builder, and the Physical is the Result.” In other words, spirit is the source of our lives. Our mind then focuses that spiritual energy into creative or destructive (positive or negative) avenues of expression. And the impact of our choices will eventually find expression in the physical realm, affecting our health, our lives, and our relationships with every glocal entity.

Now, if we link this manifestation process to our own personal manifesto or purpose statement,[mfn]Here for example is Freya Secrest‘s: “The inspiration of Dorothy[ Maclean]’s work with the Devas opened up the rich and vibrant sentience of the inner life in nature for me and the possibility of partnership with it anywhere – not just at Findhorn. I have committed myself to a relationship with that dynamic world that continues to lead me more deeply into learning how to love the earth ‘in a great torrent of love’ and collaborate in fostering a more whole world.”[/mfn] and then mix in some childlike faith & intrepidity[mfn]Let not your inner fire burn low. Laugh and play and be filled with joy and happiness and it is as if you heap fuel on that fire to help it to burn brightly, and it will burn up all that tries to get in your way and hold you down. It will dispel all gloom and despondency. Be of high hope, fear nothing, for perfect love casts out all fear, so fill your hearts with love and more love and let it radiate out from you and so draw love to you. –Eileen’s Still Small Voice[/mfn] plus a bunch of other, equally excited & committed people, et voilà!!! The result is a constantly developing, workable, simple if still challenging system for CHANGE in action here&now!

I KNOW that the FECs CARE in action via PETs Carbon offsetting to date, has been driven by the highest functional, adaptable & sustainable principles in co-responsibility. And I trust that all FEC residents & supporters do & will come to REALISE that their own consciously chosen freedom, described in Essence#7 of the Common Ground, is not for free.[mfn]See the above quote about Free Will… As I have heard a wise person say: “It’s not about my I AM, but rather about I AM THAT I AM“[/mfn]

Wherever we believe ourselves to be (on the planet, in society, in life, or in terms of enlightenment), as the Sermon on the Mount reminds us: “Ye shall know them by their fruits,” ie. by what we have. Who are we if we do not leave the world in a better state than we found it?