COP-in or out? Looking back on the Glasgow results gives an equivocal picture of where people are at and where we’re being directed (&by whom). As has been said so often, we’re really only in control of that which we can do to abolish er… neutralise er… mitigate the CO2e emissions we personally decide about… If you still need to know what your output +/- is, take a true-knowledge plunge by simply filling in the PET Carbon Calculator!

The UK government, host of the summit, had set a goal for the conference of keeping the 1.5C temperature target alive. After the deal was struck, COP26 President Sharma said: “I think we can say with credibility [ ] that we have kept 1.5 within reach, but its pulse is weak.” Just how weak is open for debate.

“Even with all the new Glasgow proposals, emissions in 2030 are still almost double what they should be for 1.5C,” said Niklas Höhne, a climate scientist at NewClimate Institute, a think tank in Germany. “Glasgow resuscitated 1.5C, but it is still in intensive care.” Andy Knott FRSA wrote the following piece with the message that, despite everything, there’s yet hope!

Here’s an overview of the current (+/-) state of climate-play of County Councils in the Highlands of Scotland — of course the Findhorn Foundation Community& Ecovillage’s backyard.

Hope you enjoy the read & please put lots of eco-CARE in to your everyday actions. Together each of us can really make the right climatological difference and yet be a “vital, vibrant and viable” community — if we dare2B gutsy & clever..!