Tomorrow we remember the birthday of Dorothy Maclean at the beginning of the new community development, protection, improvement and wellbeing year! Viva la dolce vita!!!

Reflection during the feast days brought to mind the following inspiring “Eileen message” which hangs on the coworker noticeboard at Cluny. It deals with basic questions that are equally valid for Findhorn and non-Findhorn based people and, to my mind, are terribly useful in those important moments of introspection when we establish/reaffirm our life intentions.

Challenging us today to be our own & co-community members’ highest possible good, Spirit did so too with all the Findhorn Foundation Founders! Answering that call is not easy by any means: remember what their paths looked like on first reading/hearing. But, however far we dare push ourselves, to start with we’ve got to really practice taking enough time every day to be quiet — in that central space deep down “inside” of each one of us where space and time meet the here and now, that place of deep peace and joy and calm, where all is very very well — to truly hear our own right(eous)[mfn] ie. my “I am that I am” NOT the shorthand version “ego am,” as a Wise One once said! Oh how awesomely terrible it is to DISCERN in action[/mfn] “Still, small voice” and LISTEN in action to it…[mfn]”Every time your vibrations are raised you help to raise the vibrations of the world. Yes, every time you step into those higher realms you help to lift and bring more Light into this darkened world. So you see how vitally important are those times of absolute stillness when these cosmic forces can work in and through you.”[/mfn]

whole FEC purpose v2018

Wishing us all the highest intentions for a really effective new year, manifesting heaven on earth!!!