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April sees PET’s new Financial Year beginning. “April Fools” rang in the month, and today is the International Day of Creativity & Innovation. Linking these diverse bits of info to PET’s vision, which is “to encourage social development, environmental protection and improvement, and wellbeing in the whole Findhorn Ecovillage Community,” begs the simple question: HOW?

Volunteer in deed![mfn] both PETboard and the CCC are looking for volunteers[/mfn]

Of course we can choose to jump right in to defining, strategising and attempting to control the most “logical” answers to our most pressing needs, wants and desires.

But lest we forget that we’re also part of a spiritual community which taps into an extramural dimension of matter,[mfn]re. “april’s fools” I immediately thought of St Paul’s words: “let no person deceive him/herself. If any person among ye seemeth to be wise in this world, let him/her become a fool, that s/he may be wise. 19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God…” (1 Corinthians 3:18-19) “[/mfn] let me ask this: do possible answers lie in Arts vs Sciences, or rather in Arts & Sciences whereby both styles graciously co-create using both feeling+logic/logic+feeling?  Findhorn’s ‘how’ is brilliantly described by Kathy Tyler as, “the idea of Grace point[ing] directly to the mystery of our being. It can not be defined, strategized, or controlled. We can place ourselves in the direct line of grace by holding sacred space and cultivating sacred conditions.”

Do what you can in the “now” & keep creating conducive conditions in the rest…

Creating conditions is what humans have always done, for the good and for the not so good…  Gaia however daily illustrates=teaches us that receptive beings WILL CREATE ONLY HEALTHY and REGENERATING CONDITIONS. Alas mostly egotistic humanity has so far prevailed — judging by the state of the environment and degree of (f)actual justice&peace in the world — by proudly[mfn]ie. not the right sort of pride…[/mfn] believing itself knowledgeable, intelligent and technically capable enough to (a) competently produce solutions to its many ills/symptoms and to (b) competently evaluate, predict and control their “solutions'” consequences!

In the 3min-read article below, written in his own indomitable style, David Spangler refers to the first step in the ancient wisdom practice of Manifestion which joyfully&humbly opens the heart&mind to the probabilities of Earth’s only partially charted “sacred”[mfn]unknown, unintelligible thus fearful..?[/mfn] dimension(s).

My wish for every reality-manifester — a core human responsibility for which we are created to only be in relation to others — is the “poise and elegance in form, attitude, and action [to] give up struggle and allow the universe to participate in the creation of our life.”[mfn]source: Grace, in the Angel® Cards[/mfn] Let’s together decide to choose to make 2022 and onwards tru[thful]ly miraculous health-regenerating years!


ps. GRACE also brings to mind ELEGANCE as in, “Elegant solutions unravel difficult problems—customer service centers thwarting connection to someone who can answer a question; terms of service agreements that run dozens of pages; organizational processes mired in bureaucratic thickets—achieving a desired outcome using the minimum of time, effort, and materials. They feel seamless and almost intuitive. They bring clarity and ease.” —Ed McNulty