Which hope? “Community” or Hegel’s “self as the will-to-power” in conflict with another’s “will-to-power?” Individualism or communalism? A poignant discussion point in today’s world: on the stages of the Ukraine & N.Korea, of ecovillages, family homes — wherever individuals, desiring to gather together, choose to continue/slow down or even stop growing in what it means to be human…

“The Enlightenment” of the 18th century de-capet-ated long known and well established[mfn]Time/experiential Seniority &c. doesn’t per se mean Right; ethically right acts mean it much more…[/mfn] Absolutes, installing new ones — on a violently vacated throne of power.[mfn]Strange isn’t it that however right the reason for revolution, the core belief in the superiority of a single individual’s power — of brain, breeding, brute strength, in short of egoism — remains. A surprising author of literature on the subject “Aline et Valcour ou, Le Roman philosophique” is the Marquis de Sade! The epistolary novelist contrasts a brutal African kingdom, Butua, with a South Pacific island paradise known as Tamoé and led by the philosopher-king Zamé. A brilliant (free e-)read here in French. [/mfn]

Park Ecovillage Trust's SDGs

Today those ‘absolutes are themselves under fire and in some cases under threat of beheading by the next lot.[mfn]eg. AI: defined by some as simplistic non-human digital pure-maths. A continuation of ethical egoism in that it deals in dualistic conflicts of interest, its pursuit of “highest” individual interests is surely not enough: as countless examples show, the world benefits more from cooperation (ie. allowing for the exponential multiplication of infinite possibilities to happen, like the wild bits of the Findhorn Ecovillage’s gardens…)[/mfn] But hey! “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose!”

Honestly, because of the weird and generally accepted Political reactions to most catastrophies this millennium[mfn] ing others, 9/11, 3+financial crises, Wikileaks, wars for resources & mass destraction, extreme weather, rise of mainstream centrist/far right and isolationist politics, politically connived at national tax evasion by cash&lobbyist rich global corporations, CBRN-warfare developments [Covid?], monkey pox, &.,[/mfn] I’m feeling more&more out of sync… e.g. how can humanity’s over-legislated democracies only wag their finger at ‘s illegal and recurring annexations, given the known facts of the results of similar reactions to Hitler’s pre-1939 incursions?

Is it any wonder lots of people don’t believe in anything more difficult than the masks & symptoms being paraded “live” by competitive media platforms? Or that so few seem to have the ability and daring to critically investigate truth, character & causation? Of course not! “The horror, the horror!” of (1) getting off the pier (2) swim against the statistical tide in (3) search of Truth! Calculate, if you will, the time, effort, nervous courage and self-discipline you needed for any serious, deep, “gut” searching for objective (Self-)knowledge in your own young past . . .  Now, imagine you and others too doing that, P L U S the cumulative value of that applied learning.  That would definitely change any leader’s behaviour — and sooner rather than later.[mfn]In the worst case simply because of their need4votes!  With horses, where the rider is looking is where the horse goes: moving your head shifts your weight, changing that sensitive animal’s balance. So too with politics, organisations, communities, families, friends, couples. If you dare to change your own focus, you can change the direction of the world around you, Butterfly!!![/mfn]

In the below video you’ll hear a convincing analysis of 1stWorld social development since the French Revolution, followed by some easily applicable suggestions on how we can develop our own individual selves healthily, holistically, in an environmentally friendly way — ie. with a very positive collective result![mfn]which happens to coincide with Findhorn’s 3Principles as well as PETs own mission!  (Btw, this is why volunteering with PET is so awesome for individuals themselves, as well as being do rewarding for the Findhorn Ecovillage Community. Check out the side menu here➡️)[/mfn]

If narcissism is awareness of self, humility is awareness of the divine; if narcissism is scornful, humility is respectful of all; if narcissism is disdainful of other, humility listens to everyone; if narcissism rests on fixed and static ideas, humility is always open to growth; if narcissism is them&me, humility is we&us; if narcissism is tearing the world apart as it is doing in our age and in our nation, Benedict’s teaching on humility is continued proof that it has, can and will put it together again. …

Time changes nothing. People do! … You are the only missing element in the accomplishment of all of these things. If the people will lead, eventually the leaders will follow. Lead dear friends, for all our sakes … somewhere worthwhile!  — Sister Joan Chittister, OSB

PS. The speaker is a Benedictine nun! When did you last listen to the “nun” type of woman? This one is a wholly and focused philosopher and Community expert. Her ultimate boss is inspiring, very experienced, gentle and wise. Her tribe came into existence 1,493 years ago, since when it’s been DEVELOPING in action its unchanged “Rule.” And I believe that she, as an intellectual has valid things to say about effective social development strategies for an ever more similar post-Brexit .[mfn]Know the joke about England being the US’s 51st State?[/mfn] Based on my understanding of the intended Enlightenment Message, I believe Sr. Joan’s is about: choosing how to live responsibly & effectively & well, together with others, with a higher (service-oriented?) purpose than just one-upmanship and/or alleviation of personal suffering, hardship, discomfort. What’s so terribly difficult about that? Isn’t it what the 3Findhorn Ecovillage Founders said they were striving for: consciously implanting a bit of Heaven here on Earth?

PPS. For those of you proposing to visit the Findhorn Ecovillage (btw, you can offset all of your travel&other CO² emissions here, wherever you are from, and whenever you want) why not plan some time to experience Findhorn’s “local” Benedictines — Pluscarden Abbey!

Here’s the video:

A summary of Sister Joan’s talk can be found between minutes 1:00:40 and the end of the video, though the Return On Investment of her whole talk is recommended! Enjoy.

Wishing you a very happy ⬆️ day!