PET’s Finance Director Fasil Bogale, ACMA, CGMA is leaving Scotland to explore the wider world with his wife, Sally, and daughter Willow. After ten years of unstinting service to our organisation – a position for which he never accepted remuneration – PET releases Fasil with our warmest wishes that he experience the marvels and joys of life in the south. The very deep south. Rwanda is so fortunate to have you taking your next steps in its beautiful land!

On May 22nd PET directors marked the occasion of the Bogale move from Findhorn and Scotland with a family outing to the Highland Wildlife Park, honouring the countless hours of family time that Fasil has sacrificed on PET’s behalf.

[mfn]Thanks to everyone for a heart-warmingly fun ‘office outing’ yesterday! It would have been even better had our intrepid Chair been with us (impossible due to ill health), and had there been slightly less chill in the wind, yet what a day we had!

I feel that Paddy’s photo tells a true tale celebrating Fasil’s decade of unstinting and unpaid service to our noble cause. — Amanda H[/mfn]