Happy World Environment Day!

Encouraging, developing, protecting and improving it — which PET officially does — encompasses (1) choosing to change the way our community does things (2) deciding the better way, and (3)planning when — in the main sooner rather than later!

Of the above three action moments, the last two are easier to do than the initial acceptance of the need for change, because that demands a simple but conscious leap of faith and afterwards, it demands keeping one’s eye firmly on the ball over time…

Below is an illuminating, short two part series on using our minds and hearts in the right balance. Remember Gandhi‘s belief that if science and spirituality go hand in hand, they can co-create heaven on this earth? That creation is one with which every single earth-being, from the completely selfish to completely selfless, will happily agree! It’s also the vocation of the Park Ecovillage, Findhorn‘s everyday!

centerforchange.com/conversations-with-the-heart-series-part-1-the-heart-in-mind/ [vertical-spacer]

centerforchange.com’s conversations-with-the-heart-series-part-2-the-courageous-heart [vertical-spacer]

If these titles don’t look to be quite up your street, here’s the Wikihow write-up about following your heart!

Whichever link/call2action you choose to act on, remember that choosing rationally to follow your heart is what Buddhists mean by: knowing is bliss!

Expand, expand, expand. There is the new all around you waiting to be explored. How can you expect to do this if you are satisfied to go along your well worn tramlines, afraid to branch out into anything new? Be daring, be enterprising. Be willing to branch out into something entirely new. Have that spirit of adventure and you will go places and reach heights and explore new realms. Life becomes full of excitement and expectancy; you never know what is just around the corner, but instead of being afraid of what you may find you move eagerly ahead, expecting something ever more wonderful and more glorious.

— Eileen Caddy’s “Still small voice within”