On 10th July, the CCC hosted the historic “Findhorn Tea Party” with homebaked cake, to highlight the material supporters of its work and achievements to date.

After the fact, CCC-Coordinator Laura Shreenan mused digitally: “First and foremost I would like to extend my personal deeply heartfelt gratitude to the people who made yesterday’s celebration happen and to those who were present. I was so deeply moved by all you very special people and I want you to know that I find it an honour and a privilege to be a part of the CCC. I have become so fond of the community I was welcomed into 2.5 years ago and I truly hope we will continue another 2.5 years and way beyond, by building a lasting sustainable working legacy of a culture of community caring, one for another.

… I was so touched that Vivien would leave and return home to write the below appeal immediately following our party. I believe that those who were present really ‘heard’ the situation we find ourselves in and were very moved, especially when they were able to hear about all that has been done in the last couple of years. What a tremendous achievement by each and every wonderful person who is part of the CCC past, present (and future)! The volunteers are the lifeblood of what we are able to do and the financial support is the grease that keeps it rolling forwards through having (two) people able to commit dedicated time towards achieving the goals, aims and objectives.

A community member told me recently that he had mentioned to someone at FACT about what we do and the role that the CCC Coordinator plays and the person said ‘that’s just what we need’. How wonderful that what we do has been recognised as being of significant benefit even outwith the inner workings!

Here is Vivien Maule‘s note, which has appeared in the latest edition of the “RainbowBridge” (the community’s e-zine):


submitted by Vivien Maule

  • that our precious Caring Community Circle, which has served so many people in need in small and big ways since its inception, and particularly in the last two years, will ‘FOLD’ in 6mths time (at the end of December 2022) if its regular income stream doesn’t improve. The budget is workable only until that time, 
  • that it is managed entirely by volunteers with the exception of the two paid professional, Laura Shreenan as CCCoordinator (20 hrs per week) and her assistant Jane Gambrill (5hrs per week),
  • that this circle and its volunteer task force has made its services available to persons in need both at the Park and in the wider community, 
  • that from all those many participants in our wider Community, only 38 donors pay a regular monthly contribution, which sums to approx £500 per month when £2200 per month is needed to sustain the level of service we have now, 
  • that it has sustained itself on grants until now which are now spent and two further applications for grants have been turned down, so it cannot count on Grants, and arguably should not, since this is a service to our Community to provide Care for those who need it when they need it, 
  • that there is no special level of donation requested; it varies between £5.50 per month and £40 per month, and that the majority of individuals contribute about £7 per month – AND THIS MAKES A DIFFERENCE! THAT’S LITTLE MORE THAN 2 CUPS OF EXCELLENT PHOENIX COFFEE PER MONTH, 
  • that the Caring Community Circle serves not only the elderly but the young, families too; that to donate (even the smallest amount) is about providing an ongoing kindness to our friends and neighbours, when they are most in need. 
  • that even the Community’s key organisational structures do not YET make a regular contribution to this small and struggling group, and need to be encouraged to make it a priority, NOW. 

I’m not going to apologise for being so direct about this. This afternoon I sat in a meeting with truly lovely cakes and teas provided by our volunteer CCC management, in appreciation to those who have contributed in any way, to the CCC. We heard that the service has benefited at least 77 individuals over the last 2yrs, in small and sometimes huge ways. We were clapped for donations, small or large – that’s how much it matters to those who have put so much work into evolving this!  

Then we heard the Treasurer’s report and I admit to being shocked to hear that only 38 people in this Community regularly donate. Sudden and unexpected illness doesn’t only happen to the elderly, but maybe ageing is the one thing that eventually convinces us that we can no longer contribute outwardly if we don’t take care of ourselves. The Caring Community Circle is for this, and we, as a Community need to sustain it, somehow. We discussed all the things like, “there are so many appeals for money”, “forgot”, “didn’t know what it really does” etc. etc. We must all know now that the NHS and Social Services are seriously falling behind in provision of essential services. 

PLEASE, can we help this Caring Community Circle to continue in a sustainable way, by either donating regularly, legacy benefits, or for those who are able and willing, helping the volunteers with management, admin and tasks.  

Clearly there’s a lot of WORK=LOVE in action wanting to be done in the community!

Volunteer: bump in to&talk with either Marcus Lindner (interim Chair & PETnon-exec. director), Terri Guest, Lorraine Rytz-Thériault, Roberto Mirelman, Maria Ancochea, Sue Dominey, Ursula Pfahler, Laura Shrenan or Jane Gambrill.

Contact: [email protected]

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