Today is a special day. Eileen Caddy (26 August 1917 – 13 December 2006) was a spiritual teacher and new age author, best known to the world as one of our Community’s Founders.

In Wikipedia’s words: “the commune she started in 1962 with husband Peter Caddy and friend Dorothy Maclean was an early New Age intentional community where thousands of people from dozens of countries have resided in years since. One of the UK’s largest alternative spiritual communities, The Sunday Times referred to it, on Eileen’s death, as “the Vatican of the New Age”.

Christ Consciousness=SPIRITUALITY in action!

In 2001 she was named one of the 50 most spiritually influential people in Britain on Channel 4’s “The God List”. For services to spiritual inquiry, Eileen Caddy was in 2004 awarded the MBE.

Here’s one of the messages she received from her “Still, small voice within” and which she passed on to the Community:

Again and again I say to you, live a life, don’t talk about it. Talking gets you nowhere, but living lifts you to the very heights. When humankind goes deep within, they are their own teacher and pupil, for they learn to draw from the very Source of All, they learn to tap the very secrets of the Universe.
This calls for complete dedication and surrender of the self to the highest. It will take time to do it this way, it will call for infinite patience, but when you do this you will find every answer deep within yourself. Remember those words “What you can conceive you can achieve”, for what you can conceive you ARE, it is all there within you when you learn to draw it forth and use it. When you learn to live this life, you demonstrate My wonders and glories.

In a nutshell, as Eileen herself said: Life without a high aim, is like a ship without a rudder.[mfn]Worldwide Laws of Life: 200 Eternal Spiritual Principles, by John Marks Templeton. Published by Templeton Foundation Press, 1998. ISBN 1-890151-15-7. Page 335.[/mfn]

What a legacy to be challenged by! Join us (PET) in daring to put these high purposes into daily actual practice.