[ /ˈsɪmpli/]

I trust you had a happy Autumn Solstice. As the light hours shorten, there’s an opportunity for more introspection…

Continuing on from the previous blog’s theme, I received a comment about how difficult it is to practise the consequences of humans being more than just their bodies and/or minds… This set me to musing and looking further, until I chanced to reread the innerlinks.com commentary of the angel of the month for August 2022.

[vertical-spacer]Here’s Kathy Tyler‘s commentary:

Simplicity requires tenacity of spirit and a ‘one pointed’ clear holding of our soul’s presence. Too much of the time our minds are filled with the complexities of outer circumstances. Living with simplicity, not necessarily simple, means removing the noise of the swirling demands that surround us.

Life itself is the expression of Divine Nature and an appreciation of this aligns our consciousness with what is essential and enduring. A moment of direct connection helps to break the spell of uncertainty and builds internal well-being. Living without fanfare opens doorways to what is truly important.

 To simply be ourselves can be a daunting task. It presses us to deeply consider the question of who we truly are and then open to who everybody else is. It requires us to bring what we do into mindful service of who we are and simply shine the light of truth into our everyday experiences.

Great tips, yes?! In a nutshell:

* Being =thinking +speaking +acting for the greater glory of all;[mfn]the other [global civil society] and then me. Being the cause of someone else’s smile is a more time-enduring feeling than having a personal need/want/desire satisfied… Being is not having. It is behaving![/mfn] Simpl-e = Whol-e. As Einstein said: If the answer is simple, God is speaking.

* Being ourself =accepting our imperfect self relative to a “greater glory of all” and uncompromisingly still aiming to achieve the highest possible good by&with our every thought, word and deed, in every moment.

These are huge challenges to be overcome, as the Eigg story illustrates. But: go step by step, individually, with support, together. A chain[mfn]not meant negatively; yes we’re chained to our bodily&mental life here, but our imagination, dreams make life’s yoke warm, light and soft if we so choose![/mfn] is stronger only if each individual link is itself strengthened. A successful “whol-e” community demands SELF DEVELOPMENT in action & in love!

It’s sometimes enough to actually make me do things differently…