Findhorn Innovation Research & Education and PET have received funding of £226,774 from the Scottish Government for four Feasibility Studies:

  • Ambient Ground Loop District Heating
  • Findhorn Masterplan, Infrastructure & Microgrid
  • Findhorn Ecovillage Natur Housing
  • Scaling Organic Food

to contribute to Findhorn Ecovillage’s being in line with Moray’s transition to net zero, based on the challenges posed by the climate crisis. It states clearly that the Ecovillage is striving for 0Carbon30!

Announced during First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s keynote speech at the SNP conference on Monday, October 10, Moray County groups receive over £2 million in funding to support a just transition. She said “There is incredible Scottish ingenuity here in the North-East, supported by the Scottish Government, developing technologies to tackle the global climate emergency. It is exciting, inspiring stuff…

Reacting to the announcement, Richard Lochhead, Moray MSP said: “These funds will support some essential projects and support decarbonising our economy. Just Transition requires the creation of high quality green jobs and reduces inequality in our society. These projects are essential to achieving net zero by 2045.

We wish Good luck and Godspeed to the feasibility studies teams!