Park Ecovillage Trust Offset Projects

uganda projectsLocated in Kampala, UpEnergy’s stoves replace primarily the traditional three-stone fires. Since it was founded, UpEnergy has served over 125,000 Ugandans. The environmental impact is considerable, with 30,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided and over 120,000 trees saved thus far. The households we serve save several hours per day through reduced time needed for cooking and fuel collection, and those who purchase fuel save $72 per year.

Social and Sustainability Benefits

The project is contributing to sustainable development:

    • reduction in emission of Greenhouse Gases
    • avoidance of deforestation – also preventing soil erosion & nutrient loss and risk of flooding
    • income generating opportunities offered to retailers and sales agents. For example, Aaron Okello is a motorcycle taxi driver turned stove salesman whose life was transformed due to income from working with UpEnergy. Aaron was able to relocate his wife and three children from northern Uganda to the city, rent suitable housing for the entire family, and pay school fees for all of his children, an important step towards recognition and respect in his culture. Another example is Richard, who was previously a market vendor in East Africa’s largest open-air market, who has seen his life change not only from a financial perspective but from a personal perspective also.

£13.50 to offset 1tCO2e.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals


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