Who can seriously say “Crisis? What crisis?” anymore? However you and I do have the choice of how we react to this state of affairs: re. community care, energy, transportation, GhGs, agriculture&food, &c..

Here’s someone else’s point of view about where2go from here.


(I just love their emag title!) Enjoy.

I invite you to add your right micro choices to right functional+adaptable+regenerative[mfn]equals “sustainable”+plus[/mfn] meso choices benefitting the whole planet. And lest our egos forget, our planet encompasses all homes, neighbourhoods, communities, counties, regions, countries/island(s), and continents — ie. other people!

The time is now to set a new precedent and act preventatively, as communities and engaged citizens.

— Nathan Einbinder


Discouraged and looking for motivation? Well, Eileen Caddy’s “Still small voice within” related the following: Never sit back and feel there is little or nothing you can do to help the world situation. There is a tremendous amount you can do to help by the work you do on the inner in radiating Love and Light out to individuals, to countries, to nations and to the whole world. Day by day you do this and because you do not see any outer results you wonder if the work is really any good and if it does help. Let Me assure you that this work which is being done on the inner is simply tremendous. lt is holding the whole world in balance, so never cease, never let up in any way but carry on faithfully.

See the whole Network of Light all over the world doing this inner work, see every tiny spark of Light gathering together bringing more and more Light into the whole world situation. If each individual does its part and does it in faith, without always wanting to see immediate results, so does the Light grow brighter and brighter. So shine forth My little Lights until the darkness has been transformed and all is Light.