You know you can minimise your own carbon footprint and help the environment in many different ways? Remember, whether at home, work, school, or while you travel, your own positive changes all add up a heck of a lot! And when you share their results in your life with family& friends& acquaintances, you’ll be helping to create that vital “⬇️CO2e” multiplier effect. In brief:

    • reduce the amount of energy you use– wear more layers, turn down the heating and be more physically active/work more hours;
    • eat fewer animal products– or why not use&eat every bit of the entity you need killed;
    • shop locally– think through the consequences of your indispensable desires vs. eg. the circular economy ideal;
    • travel ever smarter– why not actually experiment with only walking, biking, ev-ing or using public transport everywhere you go+remembering to offset even those CO2e emission kilometers; and
    • reduce your retail waste drastically– plan your product-buying logistics cleverly: reusable containers are your choice; leave retailers’ transport-packaging that you’re repeatedly paying for, for them to dispose of — it’s chisen more for their own transport/economic ease than yours!

Do have a look at the following tips too:

⬇️CO2e-At-Work tips

The Drawdown Labs Job Function Action Guides are practical resources that highlight specific, high-impact climate actions employees in common corporate professions can take at work. Each guide includes why your role and skills are needed in addressing climate change, tangible actions you can take to make your job a climate job, and key considerations and resources to help you get started. Click here. [vertical-spacer]

Upping your “Say-to-Do” ratio is important

I imagine that like me, you dream of seeing your daily choices supporting the achievement of the highest good for people+profit+planet? But the gap between this ideal and the bare necessities of life today seems unbridgeable… Perhaps the following can help you to refocus:


As our former Financial Director Fasil Bogale said after participating at COP27: “My conclusion is that citizens should concentrate on the amazing, diverse and plentiful grassroots movements that are blossoming across the world, and to which Gaia Education is doing its very best to contribute. In many ways, the time spent in cop27 gave me good confirmation that the work done by the all the grassroots, community-based solutions, is the way forward. We can’t any more wait for those who are shackled by serving too many masters. Let’s serve our communities and share our wisdom with each other, educating each other. The road might be difficult and slow, but like many movements that have changed the world, we start with tiny acts and few people, but once the ball gains momentum nothing will stop us.”

“Advent” comes from Latin “adventus”, meaning: what’s coming, preparation. May (y)ours all together be effective preparation for glorifying Wholeness in action, and giving peace&joy to all beings of goodwill this Christmas and the whole New-n rmal 2023. In Findhorn terms: “Happy 3P’s in action!”