In the spirit of the season we want to thank all of you for your ongoing support for our work here. That includes:

    1. Building and superintending our 18 affordable housing units in East, West and, most recently,’Woodside’ in North Whins.
    2. Manifesting the funds required for a Caring Communitty Coordinator and Assistant who have attended to those of us in need of medical &/or just personal attention.
    3. Revising the PET website to make it more user friendly, especially for those wishing to donate &/or to offset either holiday travels or yearly carbon footprints. This could be your contribution to the sustainability of both the community and the planet!
    4. Persuading the Community Collaboration Circle to explore a Park Ecovillage wide commitment to becoming Carbon Neutral by 2030.
    5. Securing a National Lottery grant to fund a feasibility study and a 10 year plan to get to Net Zero by 2030 and the appointment of an excellent team to do it, including Samantha Graham as Project Coordinator, Emma Logan as Data Collector, and Marilyn Hamilton as Survey Creator, and Goran Wiklund as Superintendent.
    6. Securing 2 small grants from tsiMoray that will “make our eco legacy more accessible to residents of Moray” and guests from further afield.
    7. Creating a ‘splash’ at the community’s recent 60th Birthday celebrations with a 3+ hour presentation of our carbon reduction aspirations and programmes.
    8. Catalysing the successful application to Scotland’s Just Transition Fund for an additional 4 feasibility studies that will enable systemic steps towards Net Zero by 2030.
    9. Welcoming the Solstice return of Goran Wiklund and Amanda Haworth from Sweden and their recurring assessment of the annual community carbon footprint. This year it will serve as the basis of the community plan to become Carbon Neutral by 2030.

Wishing you all a very holy Solstice &/or a very merry Christ-mass &/or a very Happy New Year from all of us.

Yours truly,

Roger Doudna, Amanda Haworth, Paddy Atkinson, Marcus Lindner (Directors), ably assisted by Susie Summers, Flora Keiller, Ross Jenkins, Laura Shreenan, Jane Gambril and Bert Meyer.