Some PET organisational changes to be communicated!

PET’s Progress

Spring energy is clearly in the air at the Park!

Things are getting better and better and worse and worse faster and faster. The next years will see further economic, political, social, and ecological turmoil. In this time of transformation that Joanna Macy calls the “Great Turning,” the personal, the collective and the planetary are intertwined more than ever. She speaks of our dual role, of needing to be both hospice workers of the old “Industrial Growth Society” (with its behavioural habits, structures and beliefs that no longer serve) and midwives of the new, the emerging “life-sustaining society” — like the Park Ecovillage, Findhorn and your own communities.

With PET’s financial year starting on 1 April, we wish our supporters, ourselves and our beneficiaries the fortitude and means to effectively do more than weather these challenges: REGENERATING in action with co-creative joy!

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Thank you for your continuing co-