Issue Resolution is the same for individuals, groups and the planet. And resolutions can only begin when we start taking personal responsibility for understanding (1) how the local world really works, (2) the true worth of life’s life&death challenges, and (3) the value of improving the knock-on effects of our personal decisions.

The title image, a collage of well-known health symptoms (each with profitable medications) can also be easily used to describe the economic, political, social, and cultural ‘health’ of our own minds, homes, communities, businesses and societies. And just as when we only treat the symptoms, we are totally ignoring the root causes of our cultural dis-eases/uneasiness, that ought to be uncovered, treated and changed=developed more healthily.

Wouldn’t all people of healthy mind and common sense agree that currently, the world needs

    • more local regenerative farming land, producing more produce, more naturally, for more equitable returns, in support of increased local consumption
    • lower GhG emissions in global soils and atmosphere; and healthier foods for humans plates and global soil; eg. less poisons and less fossil-fuelled industrial agriculture and international transport
    • a consciously chosen healthier ethical purpose to and (correlated) execution of our man-made (1) social, (2) economic and (3) technological activities & investments.

regeneration is sustainability+

In a nutshell: it’s generally good practice, given finite planetary resources, that human activity primarily manifests functional, adaptable and regenerative results that benefit our animal, vegetable and mineral planetary co-inhabitants. This idea may not create enough pro£it vis-à-vis old fa$hion€d ben¢hmarks, but it does so in the much more valuable cultural-ecological sense: ie. human survival!

It’s become obvious that humans[mfn] scientifically proven neighbours of each other and of all the vegetables and minerals &c. on this planet[/mfn] ought to stop fighting about ‘being right‘ and rather, together, co-create the right material/mental conditions for basic human rights to prevail globally without doing violence to whomsoever. A difference of opinion is not violence; a win:lose mentality is however[mfn]resistance and conflict based on my ‘rights’ can’t lead to freedom if your ‘rights’ lose; violence breeds violence, while freedom transcends it. Thus it is my UNDERSTANDING in action of a colleague’s legitimate issues that is capable of transcending every rational division. Why? Because both my understanding and a genuine belief in ‘Freedom’ have nothing to fear.[/mfn], just as an invasion of someone else’s personal space (or country), ditto the conscious causing of population displacement[mfn]whether by means of religion, philosophy, geo-politics or economics[/mfn] IS violence! Only spiritually motivated and/or educated people can know the advantages of transcending dualistic propositions [mfn]of a non-human rights nature (Maslow 1&2)[/mfn] to a level at which the involved parties are each able to ‘win’ enough. Already, many individuals and some common sense driven groups and communities (eg. Buurtzorg NV, and the Swiss and Finish societies) actively exemplify the truth of ‘enough’!

Every conflict you and I end up in challenges us to prove that we (f)actually “love our neighbour enough if not as much as ourselves.” Do we truly not fear DIVERSITY&INCLUSION in action; are we truly not threatened by the idea of equality? Do we really BELIEVE in action in eg. democracy, human rights, gender equality, freedom and the primacy of love as the motivator — in all we believe, think, say, do AND MANIFEST..?

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs



In 2018 I heard a senior Findhorn Foundation person talk about Learning the Discipline of Freedom. She was challenging our LEAP group to integrate both freedom and discipline into our daily lives in a Community dedicated to Co-Creating A Thriving And Loving World. Her phrase hit h me with many of us we found out later.

Freedom… To most, it is an idea. An abstract thought that pertains to control.[mfn]Control refers to some missing thing — a tension, a conflict to be resolved with some version of violent resistance.[/mfn] That’s not freedom. That’s independence.[mfn]read Individualism, Utilitarianism aswell.[/mfn] Freedom is riding wild over untamed land with no notion any moment exists beyond the one you are living. – Taylor Sheridan, “1883.”  Freedom is a frightening concept because it demands SPIRITUALITY in action: ie. simplicity, truth and the strict self-discipline practised consistently over time. The first hurdles to be overcome are very demanding: physically tiring/painful, psychologically challenging, and character testing on many levels. The individual spiritual path requires repeated favourable attention over more attractive, easier and socially acceptable activities!

However it really is possible for you and I to begin construction of that brave new healthy and wholesome future, by consciously and consistently re-taking brave, healthy, wholesome decisions today and every day. Simple, known biological and psychological processes prove that what I choose to put into my body/mind=spirit really does manifest in my reality, because my beliefs — whether they be ‘L ️ght’ or ‘D rk’ — fertilise the world that I believe I understand. As Maslow (above) showed, the quality/level of our ecological, social, economic and political ‘health decisions’ deeply influences every next higher (and lower) development level. [vertical-spacer] [flipbook pdf=””]. [vertical-spacer]

NB: * the fruit doesn’t f ll far from the tree; * the higher the branch the more wholesome the fruit; * you and I can’t be given more help than we’re willing to ask for and capable of accepting! Hence the importance of developing our own, inner, self-discipline.