Lately I came across an article about a (materially)  successful man with a disability. He links the global game-changing Pandemic reaction of learning-/working-from-home[mfn]eg., there have been people asking for remote work for decades. Also people with disabilities, whether that’s someone who struggles to get to an office due to mobility issues or anxiety. The corporate world kept saying it was impossible, and yet everybody switched over within a week… having to trust each other to make it work, which they did/are[/mfn] — taken by non-disabled leaders[mfn]is that not the truest xym r n? Haha! Apologies to the ‘right’ sort of politicians, leaders and, by inference, those who consciously do try to ensure only “the Best of the Best’ remain in office…[/mfn] — with a strong argument for people actually doing the much vaunted DIVERSITY&INCLUSION in action (e)quality-adding stuff, that everyone with common sense day-dreamed about at least once during lockdown!

We can have a huge impact on the way that we reimagine the world, and build a world where everybody belongs.  — Dr. Victor Piñeda, of The Victor Piñeda Foundation

In his own case (and words): The challenge was just that there’s an old way of thinking that is confronting to a world that wasn’t designed for me, that wasn’t built for me. It created a lot of obstacles.[mfn] ie. lower ‘profits’ for them… I believe that many of our own dreamed up ‘obstacles’ can similarly be swept away and a brave new world easily birthed; but through intentionality, not more such awful occurrences.[/mfn] Notwithstanding, Sñr Piñeda accepted his ‘reality’ with authenticity and probably mucho gratefulness, if only with hindsight, and chose/decided to co-create[mfn]together with the essences of co-workers, lateral thinking, guts and their collectively begotten& independently developing Landscape Angel[/mfn] an expansive New-Normal for others in his position: positively put, we look at labels as a way to protect or coddle or in another sense isolate, and I think the opportunity is to look at the contrary, which is…considering […] particular aptitudes and […] interests.  — Victor Piñeda (my italics&bold)

changed thinking only changes results

What he’s illustrating is a gutsy non-acceptance of status quo’s; what he’s advocating in his field — which can be extrapolated onto most areas of burning human concern[mfn]like war, poverty, injustice, inequality, migration, corporate+political abuse of power, &c., &c., &c.[/mfn] — is a proactive review of our core-beliefs, emphasising rather true beliefs, not the degree of sincerity. In my opinion it is ethical voters’ own underdeveloped beliefs, for whatever reason, which restrain more effective ETHICS in action by their chosen representatives; for what we do ourselves immediately dictates how our society is led. Today’s crisis-riddled world is provoking us to consciously put human money where human hearts&minds are!

Btw, Charles Eisenstein (Findhorn Fellow) elucidates how we’re actually all in the same ‘opportunity boat‘ as Sr. Piñeda. Similarly, we’re now challenged to (a) ‘buck the seeming trend’ by beholding and praising Life’s genuine working results: it’s an ever expansive giving economy of being and relationships — an incomprehensible and incalculable mystery which egotism so violently refutes — and (b) individually, choose to co-create the transformational field within which we all, including our reductionist and greed-economy thought leaders, source life’s energy.

Señor Victor is already doing this: innovating&adapting&overcoming those small, discomforting, hampering, specious, win:lose, obstacle filled scenarios. And, as there are more&more real life examples of REIMAGINATION in action (eg. Patagonia, Favi, Buurtzorg, etc.), please accept, with me today, the challenge to once again be as excited as incredibly fast-developing children! Their unstoppable, positive, almost reckless transformational energy is so infecti us and enlivening and natural!! Throw caution (i.e. our fear filled, tired, squashing, manipulating stories) to the wind, creative people!!!

    • The necessary solutions to our own burning issues are technically possible; and
    • they’re so expensive that we would necessarily have to choose to forego other less meaningful[mfn]e.g. military-/ pharma-/ energy-/ digital-/ ¢la$s-/industrial[/mfn] uses of (inter)national government expenditure=our taxes; and also
    • these solutions are not that weird — definitely not as weird as some of the econo-political shenanigans that we all know about, have perhaps witnessed first hand, and clearly all suffer under!

Already 92 years ago, Aldous Huxley worried that using scientific and technological advances to control society would give more power to totalitarian-type leaders in business, science and politics, to change the way human beings think and act…(that was in 1931). Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose… But what about the ethical duty of using intelligent human advances to e.g. finally create equal, fundamental, Human Rights the whole world over? Wasn’t the UN founded in 1945, twenty odd years after a first decimating World War, by 51 countries, precisely to SELF-LEARN in action from the past? That’s a conscious, philosophical activity specific to humans… Didn’t those countries, in the name of many millions of dead and wounded, commit to creating and maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights?

Has that happened since 1945? Is it happening today, or are the lead countries rather holding their own constituents and the ultimate beneficiaries — voters — back? Life (energy/spirit, not matter) doesn’t ever put on the brakes… and, while Time cannot give us second chances, people can! — Jean Luc Picard.[mfn]Interestingly USA, Russia and China are still not members of the International Criminal Court (*2002) which is strongly criticised by some for not fulfilling the role it was created to perform!!![/mfn]

‘The better angels of our nature” (from the final paragraph of Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural address in 1861).

Functionality. Adaptability.Sustainability. All of Life exhibits these principles. All of life demonstrates them. One of these Eternal principles stands behind each of [our human] temporary mental constructions, waiting to be revealed. Yet they are covered and hidden by these mental constructions, for they, in turn, are based on false thoughts about life. Because [our] mental constructions are distorted attempts to express underlying Life Principles, they produce distorted results. The idea is not to live without them, but to elevate them, to lift them up to the next level of articulation and expression, to move from concept to principle in the living of [our] lives. … This is about raising consciousness, or becoming more fully aware of all that is involved in the process of life expressing. For many people, this may not be easy, given the human penchant for keeping beliefs as they are, no matter how unworkable they have become (or always were).[mfn]for the source, see the next footnote.[/mfn]

As the success benchmarks of ‘successful’ G7 countries, which though perhaps monetarily impressive,[mfn]quantitatively in terms of GDP, and other classic economic benchmarks…[/mfn] have not brought about much qualitative, outer or inner peace to the planet, true and real success will only transpire if and when you and I dare to:

    • Acknowledge that some of [our] old beliefs about God[mfn]if needed, please insert any other word for “God” that you might prefer; that proven “power” in our lives that requires post-graduate probability maths to begin to understand it…[/mfn] and about Life are no longer working.
    • Acknowledge that there is something [we] do not understand about God and about Life, the understanding of which could change everything.
    • Be willing for a new understanding of God and Life to now be brought forth, an understanding that could produce a new way of life on [our] planet.
    • Be courageous enough to explore and examine this new understanding, and, if it aligns with [our] inner truth and knowing, to enlarge [our] belief system to include it.
    • Live [our] lives as demonstrations of [our] beliefs, rather than as denials of them. (Source: the 5 steps to peace.)

source: Dr. DC Wahl (click image)

Just imagine, among many other miraculous possibilities: lots more local regenerative farmland and healthier produce for our tables✔️; more arid land in bloom again in difficult geographies✔️; no more fleeing for your life from any country for basic (geo)political, economic or religious reasons❌; zero tolerance, abolition of new+destruction of old WMDs❌; more in-field, universally useful and effective international development aid (e.g. education, technology, social-economic, free trade agreements) equal in value to G7/20 defense budgets❌; every single business and individual fully paying internationally agreed standard income tax %s❌; all levels of government actually putting ESG needs first, before those needs sub$idis€d by lobbyists such that (inter)national peace and social justice overtake in importance short-termism, polarisation, and the ever-more-growth mentality prevalent in short-term politics, p.c., trade and industry, &c.❌.

When you imagine your own highest ideal, I urge you to keep the chosen image(s) squarely in the forefront of your mind&deeds until they actually manifest in your life.

Hence the importance of choosing your ideals carefully. Ask yourself, “who would I be (n⛔t what would I do) if I could be anything I wanted and it was 100%guaranteed to be successful?” Would you really be best served by acting out of greed and/or fear? This is the best teaching aid for our own ego’s right development and for nextgen’s edification too. And lest the glocal citizen forgets, as long as people can change, the world can change also.

Here’s the article on Victor Piñeda.