Pet Projects

CCCfundraising starts!

May 2021 Caring Community Friends Group & donors begin significant donations.

Funds towards PET&NFAs expert support of ‘needy’ Findhorn Ecovillagers rolls in internationally: £8k of an annual target £30,000! Mainly this pays for our specialist info-networker’s hours — whose sterling worth has now been well tried & established.

The CCC FriendsGroup (donors of >£250/annum) and individuals have their donations matched by two super generous people. Please keep these ‘lifeline’ funds coming!

UK and international donors.   US$ donors.   Thank you!

Lower Heating Costs

July 2021 North Whins innovative Wastewater-heat extraction system.

Despite experiencing all manner of delays (and projected construction cost increases) due to the continuing pandemic, PET received confirmation of its Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) grant!

Heat will be extracted from the wastewater that flows from the Living Machine to the Soakaway via pipeworks near to the site of the housing units. Once the heat is extracted from the wastewater the cooler water will then be returned to the pipeworks and continue to the Soakaway and so be returned to the natural ground water system.

Community cooperation, to keep the Living Machine “pumping” for the next two decades, has resulted in a landmark agreement between the numerous Ecovillage stakeholders/organisational owners involved.

North Whins starts to manifest - cool!

December 2020 sees North Whins work beginning.

Duneland’s access road to our Plot is finished so that  groundwork and foundations  can be started!

Great amounts of kudos to all involved in getting this latest PETproject going in these challenging times!

Click here for our up2date construction slideshow.