Pet Projects

CCCfundraising starts!

May 2021 Caring Community Friends Group & donors begin significant donations.

Funds towards PET&NFAs expert support of ‘needy’ Findhorn Ecovillagers rolls in internationally: £8k of an annual target £30,000! Mainly this pays for our specialist info-networker’s hours — whose sterling worth has now been well tried & established.

The CCC FriendsGroup (donors of >£250/annum) and individuals have their donations matched by two super generous people. Please keep these ‘lifeline’ funds coming!

UK and international donors.   US$ donors.   Thank you!

Lower Heating Costs

July 2021 North Whins innovative Wastewater-heat extraction system.

Despite experiencing all manner of delays (and projected construction cost increases) due to the continuing pandemic, PET received confirmation of its Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) grant!

Heat will be extracted from the wastewater that flows from the Living Machine to the Soakaway via pipeworks near to the site of the housing units. Once the heat is extracted from the wastewater the cooler water will then be returned to the pipeworks and continue to the Soakaway and so be returned to the natural ground water system.

Community cooperation, to keep the Living Machine “pumping” for the next two decades, has resulted in a landmark agreement between the numerous Ecovillage stakeholders/organisational owners involved.

North Whins starts to manifest - cool!

December 2020 sees North Whins work beginning.

Duneland’s access road to our Plot is finished so that  groundwork and foundations  can be started!

Great amounts of kudos to all involved in getting this latest PETproject going in these challenging times!

Click here for our up2date construction slideshow.

Care sharing in the community

August 2020 finds the community still in lockdown after 5 months.

Our Caring Community Coordinator, working with the Ecovillage Volunteer Action Group and Covid Action Group, supports communication and the infrastructure that serve individuals and create a joined-up approach to the Pandemic response including the easing of lockdown.

Several strategies were developed to support individuals coming out of & going back into lockdown — around the challenges they have/are/will face ; the support which the PETcccoordinator was/is/will be able to put in place ; and bolstering up the ecovillage’s continued mental health and well-being.

Planet under slightly less pressure

In May 2020, PET presents the 2019 Carbon Footprint Assessment for the Findhorn Ecovillage Community.

This is the fourth time the calculation has been carried out.

It shows total emissions of 4,114 tonnes of CO2e, or 7.1 tonnes CO2e/capita/2019.

For comparison, see the 2018 Carbon Assessment.

Dorothy Maclean, Ecovillage co-founder

Until her passing in March 2020, CCC was fundraising to support the in-community homecare of Dorothy Maclean (and others).

Via global subscriptions, the NFA and this website, Dorothy’s successful support reached its highpoint during her Birthday Week and especially in the many wonderful community activities and celebrations.

Since March 2020, CCC is actively fundraising to support the in-house care of needy Ecovillagers, to further develop and support social capacities (e.g. behaviour, awareness, conventions) and the necessary infrastructure (e.g. volunteering individuals, networks, &c) together with the NFA.

ccc webpage and submenus

caring community circle

In September 2019 the PET Caring Community diVision offers its first Annual Report serving the NFA Caring Community Circle (CCC) of the Findhorn Ecovillage.

A Working Group was established in December 2018 which has taken the excellent work of the volunteer NFA group to a new level. Work has already been done in different areas: education, staffing&fundraising, strategy and a social inclusion project.

Currently CCC is fundraising to support HomeCare for  community members requiring support.

ccc webpage and submenus

Village Green @ The Park, Findhorn

In June 2019 a Village Green Upgrade project is undertaken at the Park Ecovillage.

PET in its role of community benefit charity served as the ‘piggy bank.’ By receiving the Appeal’s donations, PET submitted the total amount to UK GIFT AID, which adds 25p to every 100p donated.
The result: £1,623 collected generated an extra £405.75 for the appeal.

PET is happy to similarly support ecovillage entities whose projects fit with our mission & aims. Do contact us via email, c/o new project

Findorn North Whins; artist's impression

In Spring 2019 we actively start planning for a new cluster of 8 small S75 flats on the North Whins (NW) site of Duneland, in the Findhorn Ecovillage.

The developer’s proposal is accepted by the Moray Council end August. Original estimates for construction start is April 2020.

Follow the story here.

Planet under pressure

In April 2019, PET presents the 2018 Carbon Footprint Assessment for the Findhorn Ecovillage Community.

This is the third time the calculation has been carried out.

It shows total emissions of 3,392 tonnes of CO2e, or 8.3 tonnes CO2e/capita/2018.

For comparison, see the 2017 Carbon Assessment.


By the end of the financial year end in March 2019, the fledgling Carbon Offset Service has been active for 16 months.

Here’s a summary of the results:

1 Tonne of C02

In April 2018, PET presents the Carbon Footprint Assessment for the Findhorn Ecovillage Community.

This is the second time the calculation has been carried out.

It showed a total footprint of 5,092 tonnes of CO2e(quivalent) or 13.3 tCO2e/capita.

Very important to note that if Foundation Guest travel (flying) is deducted from this total, the community footprint drops to 5.3 tonnes of CO2e/capita/2017.
An annual re-calculation is now part of the Carbon Strategy diVision’s programs. Click here for the carbon footprint definition.

Park Ecovillage, Findhorn expects ...

In February 2018 the Findhorn Foundation links our Carbon Offsetting service to their official website.

This is done “so residents and visitors [to the Foundation] can offset the carbon emissions created by their travelling to and from Findhorn as well as other lifestyle and business carbon emissions.”

Paul Dickinson, Trustee of the Findhorn Foundation and Chair of CDP writes: “The Findhorn Foundation has for decades been a pioneer of ecological responsibility. People from across the world want to visit this magical place, but they are naturally concerned about the emissions from travel. Through this credible and inspiring offsetting scheme, the Findhorn Foundation has again found an inspiring way forward for guests.”

Paying for indispensable CO2

In early 2017 PET decides to create a Carbon Offsetting Service.

The 2015 Community Carbon Footprint Assessment published in 2016, had placed the Ecovillage Community at roughly the UK average, the primary cause of which was air travel by Foundation guests and Community residents. One strategy to decrease this negative effect on global warming is through carbon offsetting.

In this way, the Foundation, Ecovillage, wider Community members, and their guests and friends can (i) learn to appreciate the personally attributable CO2  impac£ of their normal activities and (ii) TRULY offset this ACTUAL impact — now!

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