Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing – Community Owned

PET, having in 2013 set itself the goal of overseeing the construction of twenty-five affordable homes at the Park by 2025 – referred to as 25:25 – surpassed its goal when the eight homes at Woodside, North Whins were opened to its tenants in August 2022. It required years of extremely hard work finding land, financing, design and construction expertise and some very creative new heating systems. Between PET and New Findhorn Directions (NFD) there are now 26 homes in four sites at the Park Ecovillage, Findhorn.

Eighteen of the homes comprise PETs’ portfolio of:
– East Whins: 2012 two care flats and two shared ownership family houses;
– West Whins: 2017 four 1-bedroom and two studio flats for singles;
– Woodside: 2022 four studios for singles and four 2-bedroom homes.

Meanwhile, New Findhorn Directions (NFD) – heeding the Housing Minister’s advice given during his visit to see West Whins in 2017 – applied to the Rural Housing Fund. This Rural Housing Fund helped finance Silvertrees and in 2021 eight units were delivered: four 1-bedroom for singles and four 2-bedroom homes. PET was pleased to contribute project management, business case and financial feasibility, and the invaluable understanding for the systems and process that had been gleaned from building West Whins.

Success tastes sweet yet we know that more homes are needed, and our intention is to support further delivery of affordable homes for our fellow community members.

Affordable Housing Timeline

2013 East Whins 4 homes
2017 West Whins 6 homes
Scottish Minister for Housing & Rural Affairs visits West Whins and general Park Ecovillage eco installations
2021 NFD Silvertrees 8 homes
2022 North Whins 8 homes

East Whins

Affordable co-housing: two care flats and two shared ownership family houses