Carbon Offsetting

PET offers carbon offsets to the Findhorn community as well as to guests who come here for educational programmes, to Findhorn Bay Holiday Park and to any individual, household or business wanting to take climate responsibility.

Offsetting explained

Carbon offsetting is a way to balance your personal or business footprint. Through offsetting you take away carbon emissions now.

Offsetting is part of an international agreement called the Kyoto Protocol and was developed to direct financing to developing countries. At the same time it helps local communities to create jobs, improve health, increase biodiversity and add social benefits.

Some projects are designed to draw down CO2 from the atmosphere and through photosynthesis sequester CO2 in trees and other kind of vegetation. Other projects aim at avoiding carbon emissions by producing renewable energy that replaces burning of fossil fuel.

Offsetting Calculations

Carbon offsetting is one part of a three-step process:

Step 1. Calculate your emissions

Step 2. Choose an offset project from our portfolio

Step. 3. Start reducing your emissions

A carbon offset (also called carbon credit) compensates your emissions by funding an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide saving elsewhere.

Offsetting Projects

We offer a variety of offset projects following international standards such as Gold Standard and VER (Voluntary Emission Reductions). All projects are verified throw regular audits to verify that the carbon saving effect is accurate.

Offsetting provides a mechanism to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the most cost-effective manner. Offsetting plays a vital role in combating climate change, but if done in isolation it is not the solution.

Our belief is that climate change will only be addressed if individuals, business and governments take responsible steps to reduce CO2 emissions in line with what climate scientists and the UN are telling us, and then offset the emissions that can’t be reduced.

Park Ecovillage Trust Offset Projects

Efficient cookstoves Uganda

Solar power India

Solar power India

Rainforest preservation Brazil

Rainforest preservation Brazil

Offset your carbon emissions