Please support the work we do

Caring Community Circle (CCC) requires ongoing funding primarily to keep the CC Coordinator and CC Assistant in post. CCC also administers the Community Care endowment fund (est. 1996) which is available to assist community members to remain in their own homes in community when care at home is needed.

Fundraising Goals

The current CCC fundraising goals are:

  • Caring Community Coordinator and Coordinator Assistant – support to maintain these positions.

  • Fundraising Consultant – to help the CCC identify and write grant applications.

  • Administrative Expenses – internet, office supplies, rent, telephone, heating, electricity, printing, etc.

  • Educational Programmes – Dementia, Ageing, Health Advocacy, End-of-Life Planning, etc.

  • Community Care Fund – an Endowment Fund established to help people Age In Place, should this be their wish, rather than having to move away e.g. to a Care Home.

  • Equipment – CCC is currently in need of a bus ramp to transport persons with limited mobility.

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