CCC summer’23

Dates for your diary in case you are able to join in: For more detailed info on any of the below, please contact: [email protected] or via the CCC.Facebook: . This Thursday 8/06, 11am to 12:30pm - upper level of Phoenix Cafe I will be hoping to meet folk who

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Wellbeing together

Finally a useful list to encourage social development and environmental protection and improvement, and wellbeing: practicing community in action! It's amazing what the Park Ecovillage, Findhorn is itself already doing; and more amazing and inspiring what is becoming mainstream practice! Let's expand our efforts step by step. For every individual

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I have posted before about one of many attitudes conducive to manifesting visionary, vital, vibrant and viable[mfn]Park Ecovillage, Findhorn Community Purpose statement 2019[/mfn] -- ie. innovative&regenerative -- community life. That was tv-inspired, as I am an audio-visual kind of guy. Lately I came across another brilliant tv-series that reinvigorated puerile notions

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12th--14th February is Chinese New Year and Losar, so there's a second pportunity to make some important resolutions for the next 365days! If I may suggest a topic: "Kindness is 'social nearness-ing.' If medicine is the front line protecting our bodies, kindness is the front protecting our hearts and our

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Pursuit of happiness

245 years ago, in order to get 13 different groups[mfn]founded for a diverse range of reasons, from the pursuit of fortunes to the desire to create havens from persecution and model societies, and had differing systems of governance,[/mfn] to form a more perfect union -- just, tranquil&safe, prosperous, and free

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[ycd_countdown id=16765] It seems that more&more (mostly non-governmental) entities are becoming serious about using the above as their GhG-emission reference point. Happy New Year! Currently, the Earth is already about 1.1°C warmer than it was in the late 1800s, and emissions continue to rise. To keep global warming to no

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Open to the edge

A topical Advent theme and community development imperative, was covered by David Spangler in his November 2022 blog. He writes, "What is sad and dangerous about this time is that, seeing that what we have isn’t working, there is a reaction to replace it not with something new but with

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Simpl-e the best

[ /ˈsɪmpli/] I trust you had a happy Autumn Solstice. As the light hours shorten, there's an opportunity for more introspection... Continuing on from the previous blog's theme, I received a comment about how difficult it is to practise the consequences of humans being more than just their bodies and/or

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CCC on Facebook

Hello there wonderful supporters of community wellbeing at the Findhorn Ecovillage Community. The CCC is on Facebook! Here's the URL: It's a practical medium, so check it out&join: you can then hear about the help community members require via our Coordinator. click the image for specific ccc-donation goals

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