Some PET organisational changes to be communicated!  [vertical-spacer] Spring energy is clearly in the air at the Park! Things are getting better and better and worse and worse faster and faster. The next years will see further economic, political, social, and ecological turmoil. In this time of transformation that

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Happy intentions

Tomorrow we remember the birthday of Dorothy Maclean at the beginning of the new community development, protection, improvement and wellbeing year! Viva la dolce vita!!! Reflection during the feast days brought to mind the following inspiring "Eileen message" which hangs on the coworker noticeboard at Cluny. It deals with basic

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Net0.30 study Grant

Great news about the Park Ecovillage, FindhornNet0.30 study and PETs 2021 National Lottery Grant application. Here's the press release: [vertical-spacer] Great news, but stuff doesn't stop there-- ie. with other people offering a climate action smorgasbord for you not to pick and choose from... Remember Gandhi's statement about "Happiness

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co-Founder’s birthday

Love in action by Lis Johnson, Star of the Sea College, Melbourne, Australia On 20th March Peter Caddy would have become 104 years old. The spring equinox this year. He followed "an intuitive spontaneous inner knowing" and had many other influences. He developed his practical positive-thinking, and other methods he

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United in Care

PET's been doing its CARE in action for the benefit of the Park Ecovillage, Findhornsince 2009.On the 75th anniversary of the United Nations and the 5th anniversary of their adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals – in the midst of a pandemic radically transforming our economies and societies – this

Carbon Footprint assessment 2019

Executive summary on P2. [vertical-spacer] Please remember to actively calculate, offset and further reduce your personal Carbon Footprint. Using the PET Carbon Offsetting Service is an easy way to do so which also supports the Community. Thank you for your mindfulness. click here for the assessment pdf

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A gift of empowering others

20 March sees 120th birthday of Peter Caddy, who together with Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean co-founded the Findhorn Foundation Community and Ecovillage, on the Findhorn peninsula. May his practical spirit continue to watch over, inspire, develop and bless the Community and our vision at PET!

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North Whins story

In 2019 we actively started to plan for a cluster of 8 "Section75" (affordable housing) flats on the North Whins (NW) site of Duneland, in the Findhorn Ecovillage. Here's the timeline! Duneland's North Whins proposal approved by Moray Council on 20 August 2019. oct/19: PET NW affordable Housing is now

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carbon bites – CO2 Footprint report

Findhorn Ecovillage 2018 Carbon Footprint Report Goran Wiklund has completed his assessment of our community carbon footprint for 2018. Here are his summary conclusions: The total greenhouses gas emissions have been calculated to 3,392 tCO2e (tonne CO2 equivalent) a reduction of 25% compared with 2017 when we emitted 5,235 tCO2e.

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carbon bites – Roundup

Check out Carbon Bites for reports on Findhorn Community environmental activities! Great turnout for the Sunday Slot. Great presentations too. At 300 bookings and a waiting list of another 30, the April conference is looking full of promise. It may well have ’competition’ at its opening, though, from the Extinction

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carbon bites – Travel

Establishing new travel a-l/t-titude It is the time to look back at 2018, to reflect on your travel patterns and offset carbon emissions - especially from flights.  The KG emission estimates shown are for direct flights. For multi-leg itineraries, they certainly underestimate the real emissions. The numbers presented on the

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