Light of Findhorn Sanctuary

How the Light of Findhorn Sanctuary came to be

The Findhorn Community lost it’s original Sanctuary in a fire in 2021. To know more about the history of the original sanctuary please read “some history of the original sanctuary”

The Findhorn Foundation at that time were the owners and operators of the building for the Community. They initiated a Community led process to redevelop the New Sanctuary. A Community formed body came together to survey the Community’s anticipated needs for a future Sanctuary and then establish a design process to reach the conceptual design to meet the Community’s aspirations. Here is a summary of the process to reach the conceptual design.

The Findhorn Foundation thereafter and following various consultations process commissioned Green Leaf Design and Build to produce and submit the required information to achieve Planning permission (22/01674/APP) and building warrant from Moray Council.

Unfortunately, since the time of developing the design of the New Sanctuary the circumstances for the Findhorn Foundation changed and it no longer could maintain the resources to deliver this project for the Community. It therefore reached out to Park EcoVillage Trust (PET), a Community organisation with a proven track record for delivering affordable housing on the Park and with common charitable purposes.

PET in recognition of the values and benefits that the New Sanctuary would bring to the Community accepted to take on the project of delivering the New Sanctuary, now known as the Light of Findhorn Sanctuary, and to be the owner, operator and the custodian to this new building for the Community. In recognition of this the Findhorn Foundation are transferring the land this project will occupy to PET for a nominal fee.

Project Description and Tendering information

The Light of Findhorn Sanctuary is anticipated starting on 8th April2024 and needs to be completed by 21 December 2024.

The tender bid submission closing date is 25th March at 12:00 noon.

The project consists in the delivery of a non domestic timber constructed assembly building with a footprint of circa 150 sqm of which circa 30 sqm are canopied decked balcony area and associated groundworks and landscaping. The construction of the building must include structural roundwood timber framing.

The construction of the building will require to engage with a Community Volunteer workforce for some elements of the delivery of the project. This will only need to be for low risk assessed activities (eg. sanding, washing, cleaning, emulsion painting, etc…)

Please also find this tender fully listed on the Public Contracts Scotland (PCS) website. You can view it here:

Key Documents to be reviewed for Tendering & Tender Submission Information

Thank you for reviewing this tender information, should you require any further information to submit your tender, please contact us on [email protected]

We look forward to receiving and reviewing your bid.

The Light of Findhorn Sanctuary
Project Team