Can PET support you?

In order to support our neighbours at the Park, PET can provide administration funding for projects that align with PET’s charitable purposes:
– the advancement of education,
– the advancement of citizenship or community development
– the advancement of environmental protection or improvement

Administrative Fee:
There will be an administrative Fee assigned to the project commensurate with the amount of additional work required to be undertaken by the charity.
This form should be completed by people/organisations seeking support from PET with a project or initiative.
PET requires 30 days for consideration and deliberations. During that period PET may contact you for further information. PET commits to providing a formal response within those 30 days.
With love and blessings,
PET Board

External Project Application Form

Section 1 - Project Information

Please refer to the top of the page to ensure your project aligns with PETs charitable purposes

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