Join us when you find yourself in our mission&aims and activities on behalf of the Findhorn Ecovillage Community.

…Findhorn was created through listening to the ‘still, small voice within’ and then acting upon it… There’s not much use in getting a beautiful message unless you do something about it! So you have to act on it. — Eileen Caddy

Membership is free!

Membership is free* and signing up takes two minutes (max) to do online.

Obviously, a large Membership significantly strengthens PET’s credibility with potential funders and donors (140 as of 8th May 2024, of which: 102 full, 38 associate, 0 organisation).

And we’re doing this ‘in service to spirit, humanity and the earth’ as an example of how it really can be done better through, with and in our very own Community!

Membership Types


any individual, 18+years old, living or working within the Findhorn Ecovillage Community, supporting PET‘s activities and aims


– any individual, 18+years old, living or working outside the Findhorn Ecovillage Community, supporting PET’s activities and aims


– any organisation, group or body, which supports PET‘s activities and aims; N.B. represented by only one (1) member ineligible to vote or to hold any office


PET’s Memorandum & Articles of Association

NB. By joining you officially agree to PET’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.

All PET associates practise the Three Principles and the Common Ground of the Findhorn Ecovillage.