The history of the “Findhorn Eco-Kit Project” is that Michael Shaw and Roger Doudna got a grant for £240,000 from the Scottish Climate Challenge Fund in 2010 to put Ecokits in Moray schools to teach climate change and what to do about it — Sue Clutterbuck was part of the implementation team. The project ran for two years, and we got an additional £160,000 for the second year, by the end of which there were EcoKits in 95% of Moray schools, both primary and secondary.
Sue then ran her own extension of the original programme for two more years under the “Junior Climate Challenge Fund.” This project was all about empowering the kids to exercise more carbon sensitivity/ initiative and practise ’empowerment’.  She also extended that programme into Estonia. The project was supported financially by the British Council.

In the below photo, hover on the heading:  HOW TO DO IT, and click on any of the submenus to learn more about the EcoKit’s details.

For a fuller history: click here for a summary of the Schools Project; here for the EcoKit project report ; and, for more information about the project being taken overseas, click here for a link to Tallinn University in Estonia.