Affordable Housing

North Whins

In 2019 we actively started to plan for a cluster of eight “Section75” (affordable housing) flats on the North Whins (NW) site of Duneland, in the Findhorn Ecovillage.

Kate Waring, Tenant 2 Bedroom Family Unit at North Whins Woodside, Park Ecovillage, Findhorn


North Whins is designed as a worthy addition to our portfolio of affordable homes. The portfolio consists of the relatively big East Whins (EW) homes and the smaller one bed-room West Whins (WW) cluster. Conceptual design was by Johanna Hyrkas with the following detailed design by Green Leaf Design & Build

Judith Bone, Tenant of  Affordable Housing Studio Flat in the Park Ecovillage,  Findhorn


We — again — secured a major grant from the Scottish Ministers, and didn’t need to attract donations and loans from within and without the community.  The land was effectively gifted by the community colleagues at Duneland Ltd. (ie sold for a nominal fee). We also took out a mortgage with Ecology Building Society.