In addition to financial management, a healthy NGO has […] governance and leadership, clear strategic direction, high quality programme management with involvement of beneficiaries, effective human resources management, shared values and a conducive organisational culture.

conducive – adjective – making a certain situation or outcome likely or possible.

A January 2017 Development Report informed the Board’s decision to change the way PET does things:

  1. operate “integrally”—taking colleagues’ belief and mindset into account, so that job descriptions fit individual strategic and/or executive interests,
  2. co-create simple procedures so that we CAN focus on what we like (=are good at) doing,
  3. further clarify PET’s Vision, Mission and Aims (& business plan)

[bctt tweet=”…with unabashed faith and trust— based not on assumptions but— in self, each colleague/friend and something Bigger than ‘only me’…  —P.E.T.board” via=”no”]

This meant moving from being a volunteer-based executive charity to

  • a strategically led executive charity,
  • providing effective “back-office services” for diVisional project/program directors and managers
  • with a dedicated key functional associate base (part time) of
    • diVisional project/program managers,
    • legal, fundraising, administrative/executive director
  • and an all-volunteer Strategic and Supervisory Board of Directors and Trustees.

So, we welcome expressions of interest for the following PETeam positions:

DiVisional Managers– volunteers who are

  1. passionate about one specific area of our Vision (see under Aim) for the wider Community
  2. passionate to develop an existing/start any new area within the remit of our Memorandum of Association (do come&talk with any member of PET’s board)
  3. available for quality operational input adhoc (win:win:win), though not interested in a supervisory role.

Fundraising Manager– volunteer, preferably experienced, for

    1. operational input (win: win: win)
    2. fund sourcing, grant writing,
    3. donor+donation follow-up & compliance.

Non-Executive Directors– volunteers who are

  1. passionate about our Vision for the wider Community (wholly or one specific aspect)
  2. available for strategic input adhoc and 2 hour Board meeting every 2nd month
  3. supervision of PET’s executive activities.

Finance Director– a volunteer accountant/ banker, for

  1. strategic input adhoc and 2 hour Board meeting every 2nd month
  2. project fund-packaging
  3. program financial control
  4. supervision of PET’s books and financial compliance.

Trust/Board Secretary (Director)- volunteer administrator/lawyer, for

  1. strategic & operational input on governance, admin. and organisation adhoc and 2 hour Board meeting every 2nd month
  2. legal administrative compliance and
  3. supervision of the administration of PET’s executive activities.

Skilled & Interested to know more?

[email protected]  c/o Chair, or fill in the   Online application here.