published 8 September 2017 in the Rainbow Bridge:


For those of who were not at the NFA meeting on Monday, I am delighted to report that last week the Findhorn Foundation approved the release of £800 contributed several years ago by John Clausen to the Fellows Manifestation account. At the suggestion of Camilla, Amanda Haworth consulted the Fellows group if they were OK with this and received unanimous support from the more than 20 Fellows who replied within 24 hours. On the strength of this felicitous response, the hub Stewards (i.e. Management) proceeded to contribute this sum to PET’s offsetting project, bringing us to £4,000+. Thanks be, both to the Lord and to the Findhorn Foundation!

This means PET is ‘over the hump’ of our initial fund raising effort and are on the home stretch. If you have not yet contributed but wish to help us get to our goal of £4,500, please do so now. We also intend to use the funds accumulated thus far towards the actual implementation of the project in the coming weeks. When it’s up and running, we will inform you accordingly so that contributions henceforth will go to the actual carbon reduction projects sponsored by our collaborator Carbon Footprint Ltd.

Once again, if you wish to contribute, we suggest you do so on as follows:
Donate an amount equivalent to offsetting your last year’s flights
– in the UK, suggested amount £5/trip
– to Europe, suggested amount £10/trip
– to US, Canada, suggested amount £25/trip, West Coast £40/trip
– to Asia/Australia/South America, suggested amount £90/trip
Donate for car driving equivalent to one year’s driving, suggested amount £25

You can make your contributions by direct bank transfer to PET’s account with the Bank of Scotland here:
Park Ecovillage Trust, Bank of Scotland, Account number: 06022056, Sort code: 80-06-81.

OR, you can make a donation to the PET Savings Account we recently set up with FF Accounts in the Medway Building or in the General Office.

OR, you can make a donation through our recently established PayPal account to ‘ [email protected]

Thank you!

Roger D
PET Chair


The Carbon Offsetting Service is available to Findhorn Foundation and NFA members, and of course to all guests, visitors and friends of our Community.

For payment methods, please see the Donations, Gifts and Legacies page.