The main purpose of this project activity is to generate clean form of electricity through renewable wind energy source. Bothe Windfarm Development Pvt. Ltd. is the promoter of the proposed project activity. The Project has 40 Wind Turbines of individual capacity 2MW each and 57 Wind Turbines of individual capacity 2.1 MW each in Maharashtra state of India. The total project capacity is 199.7 MW.

The Project is a new facility and it plans to utilize wind energy to generate electricity and supply it to a part of the NEWNE (Northern, Eastern, Western and North-Eastern) grid of India.[vertical-spacer] [vertical-spacer] [vertical-spacer] [vertical-spacer]

Social and Sustainability Benefits

india clean incomeThe project contributes to sustainable development in Bothe, State of Maharashtra:

    • generation of employment opportunities during further construction and operation of the project
    • in the absence of Project activity, the quantity of the electricity that would be delivered by the Project activity to the NEWNE grid would be sourced from the existing grid-connected power plants and future capacity additions to meet the growing electricity requirements; thus the project activity reduces the dependency on fossils fuels which are predominantly used for electricity generation in India and helps reduction of climate change impacts
    • the project will further demonstrate the technology in the region and help encourage other wind power projects.


Expected emission reductions of 364,217 tCO2e per year.

The Project is expected to supply 372.791 GWh of energy to the NEWNE Grid of India per year.




£8.90 to offset 1tCO2e.[mfn]By using the carbon markets, entities can neutralise, or offset, their emissions by retiring carbon credits generated by projects that are reducing GHG emissions elsewhere. Of course, it is critical to ensure, or verify, that the emission reductions generated by these projects are actually occurring. This is the work of the VCS Program – to ensure the credibility of emission reduction projects.[/mfn][vertical-spacer]

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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