When looking at any way forward, I have two choices:

  1. “More of the Same”movement not progressvermiculture in organisations
    restructuring, investment in HRactivities, focus on more productivity and less costs, or
  2. “Guts & Will & Faith” in the collective ability to transcend the mundane by harmonising the demands of
    1. common sense [to keep costs effective while organically investing in my assets] with the
    2. constant reinvention of my self/environment [not structurally but freeing up my entrepreneurial talent, to — itself — create the fertile, healthy soil culture necessary for development]

John BL Soule wrote in an 1851 editorial in the Terre Haute Express (USA): “Go west young man, and grow up with the country.”
Perhaps a Findhornian rewrite might say: “Go inside old soul, and develop in Truth.

In this linked short article (entrepreneurial) the habits of pro-activity and looking outside my-little-self for the $6,000,000 answer gets a pleasant airing. Enjoy.