Would you be surprised to hear that Scottish grant-making trusts and foundations gave £300million to Scottish charities last year?

Or that the amount donated by grant-making trusts has doubled in the last decade, up from £128m in 2007?  Or that it now accounts for 6% of the sector’s income, up from 4% a decade ago?

The way modern charities fund their activities has changed so much in the last decade, with public sector contracts and social enterprise driving huge growth in turnover, from a total sector income of £3.2billion in 2007 to over £5billion in 2017. But it turns out traditional funding has kept pace with the cool new funding kids on the block. The importance of grant-making trusts has actually increased, rather than decreased.

Source: Building on strong foundations | SCVO blog

So why’s getting it so difficult?

Because (i) these funds are getting very specific  about the areas of operation to be influenced AND about the outcomes they wish to achieve (measurable ‘shareholder value’ … ie to sell their CRS to financial analysts); and (ii) there are so many more charities and social enterprises that require funding for what used to be mainstream societal CORE SERVICES.

That’s why PET is always looking out for generous grant makers, donors and benefactors. We really do need you!