We do our best to keep this page up-to-date, but it is possible that we’re slightly behind. Apologies just in case!

We currently accept online payments to PET’s Paypal account
[email protected]

This is a free service for UK debitcard users and UK Paypal account holders.
You can imagine this is our preferred online payment option, as PET receives all you send: (7FEB2018)

Credit card payments cost PET from 3.4%+20pence per transaction; and from outside the UK, the foreign exchange fees and costs too!


It is PET and by extension the project fund you choose to support that pays the fee, not you!

So please consider calculating the extra cost of using a credit card or paying from outside the UK and adding them to your payment. Thank you.


Know that we are constantly looking for better ways to make

+ the transaction process simpler, easier and more secure for you, and

least expensive for us, so that

= your money and our project interventions go furthest!