Reading about Thomas Hübl’s talk with Peking HSBC Business School students and local entrepreneurs, I was reminded of PET’s Mission to wit: encouraging “social development, environmental protection & improvement, and wellbeing in the whole Findhorn Ecovillage Community.”

More often than I like to admit, I think about the above in terms of outward, material ‘betterment.’ Hübl invited his listeners to not forget to “search for the intrinsic functioning of things in order to better understand them and thus better understand ourselves.”

Wow! Isn’t this the foundation of any and all functional, adaptable and sustainable improvement? Isn’t this the philosophy of Kung Fu Tze, of Buddha, St Paul, and Ramana Maharshi—among others?

Didn’t Eileen’s Guidance say also to her,

[one-third-first]”Seek always for the answer within. Be not influenced by those around you, by their thoughts or their words.”[/one-third-first]

[two-thirds]”You seek peace? You will find it, but never be dependent for peace on any outward condition. Only in Me can be found the peace which passes all understanding. How often have you thought you would find that peace when conditions were right, or when you were in the right place, or when your relationship was right with a certain person? Or if only such and such a thing would happen, all would be well and you would find that wonderful peace? You need never be dependent on any outward condition. Go deep within, where no one can enter, and you will find it. In that centre you will be at peace – everlasting, unshakeable peace, for that is where I AM.”[/two-thirds] [vertical-spacer] So, here I discerned a call to continually dis-cover and re-prioritise my own thoughts, words and deeds at least as often as I work on answers for “out there!”

Enjoy the blog!