In a monthly info blog we get, I read a great piece on examples of rural village development. Development of this kind is a complex juggling act of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ investments in both learning and activity: really, it stands or falls with whether we truly believe in our own communities today.[mfn]so no harping on about how long I’ve been here, my community’s been active, how it’s grown &c.. Those are simply statistics…
The question is: am I at least still living up to the original purpose for which I decided to choose my community?![/mfn]

source: the Prince’s Countryside Fund (click the image!)

It is heartening to hear about others’ successful projects. If you can spare some time to feel good, do have a read. Perhaps it’ll inspire an idea that can activate your passions and visions in relationship with those of your neighbours! (That’s one definition of living-community.)