What a great contribution our people have been making at XR London (and elsewhere)!

If that inspires you, we have good news:
PET has improved its carbon tool for you. It’s now easier to access and you can also figure out the carbon effect not only of travel but of your overall life-style!

Check it out here on PET’s website https://parkecovillagetrust.co.uk/carbon-offsetting/carbon-offset/ and choose the Secondary tab:


It will translate your fossil fuel consumption in lots of areas into carbon emissions (fyi secondary emissions are the ones not related to flying, driving and heating[mfn]see the FAQ about methodology for more details.[/mfn]). Just feed in your annual cost for the different items. It’s not an exact tool,[mfn]It takes in more than just CO2 gasses – hence the CO2e(quivalent) – averaging product+packaging production+delivery CO2e.[/mfn] but it gives you a very good indication. You will now see where your carbon hot spots are. And when you compare your results year-on-year, you’ll find out how you managed to lower your footprint!

If you then also offset the emissions you haven’t yet reduced (or can’t), future generations won’t need to clean up after you. To offset you just take your carbon calculation to the next step on the website, which is to choose an inspiring project and go to the check-out.


Participants in Novembers’ Drawdown training can already use PET’s calculation tool to help prioritise your reductions. The training runs 2-9/11.