We are half way into the period allotted for compiling our 2019 Park Ecovillage Carbon Footprint and to date 36 residents & FFstaff/co-workers, 2 tenants, and 3 organisations have filled in the survey.
If this does NOT include you, PLEASE take the ten minutes or so required to send your data by 28 February in response to the online surveys sent your way by Goran Wiklund on behalf of PET. All information received remains anonymous. Without it, though, we cannot establish a more accurate baseline for our community. Thank you.

If you want to calculate your own footprint for 2019 you can do so here. In addition to household, energy and flights emissions, we’ve also added a ‘Secondary Emissions’ category to which we invite your attention. You are also invited to offset your footprint by contributing to one of our monitored and verified offset projects. Though we’re all asked to take steps to reduce our footprint in response to the challenge posed by climate change, we need to offset what we cannot reduce.


Since a number of you received the Expression of Interest (EOI) document that PET sent to the Big Lottery’s Climate Action Fund, I want to tell you that we were not successful in getting to the next round.  Nor was GEN who also submitted an EOI. Apparently, they received 673 EOI’s for the 20 or so projects they are wanting to fund, which is itself an encouraging indication that Brits are taking climate change seriously.


The other good news is that our Collaboration Circle approved a PET proposal to explore the feasibility over the next 18 months of our Park ecovillage community becoming carbon neutral by 2030.  This includes the Foundation who have agreed to offset the travel of all their residential guests this year, thereby reducing our community footprint by something like 40% and setting an example for us all.