Healthy & Joyful greetings to you!

I’d like to share the following (and a video) from a blog[mfn]Lorian Association[/mfn] I receive:

A new humanity is being born.  After ten thousand years of a domination system, we are moving inexorably toward a global society built on love.  As Charles Eisenstein puts it, we have the opportunity to move from a Culture of Separation to a Culture of Interbeing (he uses the word coined by Thich Nhat Hanh to describe the interconnectedness of all life).  After building civilization after civilization on a premise of fear and separation, it is time for humanity to step into a new way of being. Or perish.

The birthing process is painful… But rather than think of this planetary transition as a laborious birth, I prefer the metaphor of the transubstantiation of the caterpillar into the ​butterfly.  ​— Jane Ellen Combelic​


But what does that entail?
Interconnectedness requiring more mutual love,’ okay;  ‘perishing civilisations,’ okay too;  ‘birth pains,’ yes also, but not gone through myself;[mfn]RESPECT to all mothers![/mfn]  ‘chance or change?‘ again, I’ve asked myself this question about Nature thousands of times.  But it struck me that I couldn’t remember the insect transformation in its entirety…


So here’s a visual meditation (±4mins) to help crystallise the steps of the change/ development/ transformation/ transubstantiation metaphor in our mind.  I’ve seen it now twice and each time noticed something different and fascinating.  Enjoy and best wishes for Peace & Light!