One of PET’s directors sent me an email last month. To it was appended some fascinating information re. the food chain and its impact on Life on Earth.

Resonating thoughts touched on the themes of ‘interrelatedness‘ and ‘fasting as a biological form of spiritual grace.'[mfn]This last was interesting as I’ve been consciously trying to eat less during lockdown.[/mfn]  I’d like to share two of these resources with you.

The first is a soil/farming practices project website page, which makes for an enlightening ±3mins read.  It puts the value of soil and food creation practices into an historical context.

The second is a video podcast (1h54m) which contains & explains some pretty challenging information and includes thoughts such as:

~ Doubt is our product (re. monopolistic/oligarchic chemical corporations and their marketing strategies) ;

~ 70% of the world’s population is being fed by peasant farmers ;

~ There’s a social contract between farmers NOT to speak the truth (re. gmo-seed harvest results over the last 20 years—not all their fault: we too are all responsible) ; and

~ Build soil, not Till soil.

This information encouraged me to keep calling on common sense & flex my independence-of-thought muscles, and continue to expand the knowledge[mfn]just as humanity’s knowledge base today is huge compared to only 50 years ago, so also the number of (funded) ‘specialist’ opinions with which we are bombarded has grown exponentially over the same period…[/mfn] upon which I make my socio-economic choices.

Elon Musk talks about the essence of innovation and development—i.e the nature of organic Life—being the resolution of “limiting factors.”  Oughtn’t those factors to also include the confusion caused by/in service of the ageing ‘more&more maximisation’  for less money  philosophy?  Challenging our proclivity for hasty, not-fully-thought-through activity, Anthony Demello poignantly stated:

We’re challenged to participate in this 3-principled food quest as individuals and integral parts of communities.  For through today’s food purchase choices both entities heavily influence the quality of soil.  Soil: the foundation upon which the quality of all our tomorrows will be grown.

Bon appétit on all levels!