11February is Park Ecovillage Trust’s 12th birthday!

And on the eve of this auspicious day I just read a short article (+-4 minutes’ read) by Thomas Hübl about re-affirming the need for real=authentic relationships with all our fellow planet-dwellers (of all ‘ kingdoms'[mfn]http://earthguide.ucsd.edu/virtualmuseum/content/fivekingdoms.html[/mfn]).

Trying to remain on the middle path: it is clear on the one hand that PET has been and is working hard (with commensurate results) to achieve a high Vision; at the same time it is sobering to think about what could be holding back its manifestation… “Bitte kommen Sie herein, Herrn Hübl:”

At nearly eight billion strong, humankind has populated all corners of the globe, planted flags at both Arctic poles, explored the very depths of the oceans, and launched itself into space. Yet, in a relatively brief span of time, we have simultaneously lain ruin to delicate ecosystems and catalyzed an accelerating environmental crisis, kicking off the planet’s sixth mass extinction event. However successful our species appears, without a thriving planet, without abundant biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, our kind and countless others will cease to exist. We know this. Yet, many remain unable to see, sense, feel, and therefore accept the reality before us.

         “…by coming together to integrate the past and heal trauma, we can unlock vast reserves of untapped energy and hidden potential, a profound resource that can be consciously used to light the way toward better possible futures.”

The problem has been termed the meta-crisis for precisely this reason: in the words of Jonathan Rowson, it “highlights that our relationship to the crisis is part of the crisis.” This failure of relationship isn’t based in human ignorance, stupidity, or even greed, however; it lies far deeper.

— Unlocking a fresh vision for the World, PUBLISHED IN “Kosmos” (←click for the whole article)

Enjoy the 11th, and the rest of this festive week!
And remember to keep helping PET — in all the great ways you already do (and why not try some new  ones?) — with its support of the right development of the Findhorn Ecovillage Community, for another 12 years at least![mfn]https://youtu.be/NF7sTbIvyTw[/mfn]