Here’s an absolutely fantastic piece which I would like to recommend to you as it touches upon the basis of all normal human striving: happiness (or pain minimisation, depending on your outlook on life…).

Though the article looks at the US and at students, please feel free to think a bit laterally and find the similarities in your own geography & role in life. Your individual outlook is created by you only, in your own head/heart, and is subsequently reinforced by the story you tell yourself every awake moment of every day! So it can be changed in every moment too.[mfn]Perhaps passion/ purpose leads to joy/ one-pointed awareness/ effortless energy?[/mfn]

Just as it’s so comforting to hear the same bedtime story, so it’s equally or more daunting to choose to break such a habit. active self discovery is the most fruitful learningSo here’s some brainfood to assist us in plucking up the courage to WORK TO actually BE[mfn]requiring consciously chosen higher values — ego (external) reprioritisation[/mfn] what we want, rather than to aspire to our dreams. Hey it’s Findhorn — not “Searchorn” — after all!

Q: Why cover this topic in a Community Charity blog?  A: Precisely because this is what’s behind PETs diverse projects, programs & services; what motivates the board and diVision teams; and results in the quality of all PET, affordable Housing, Carbon Strategy and CCC interactions:

We all want to live in a cleaner, happier and more empowering world.

But we don’t always know where and how to help.

PET co-creates healthy environmental, people friendly solutions

To which all can contribute

Enabling each and everyone to feel cared for, nurtured and supported.

Happiness (& success, health and safety &c.) is also what the “Whole Community Purpose” and the “Findhorn Common Ground”[mfn]click the top of screen menu “Home” sub-menu “Mission” for these[/mfn] are all about — the historic foundation of our (un)intentional community! Authentic happiness is the only individual and communal measure of success that’s important.

It’s the only really valid argument for our community’s and PET’s existence. What about yours? And how far are YOU willing to go to be truly happy? Enjoy!